Don’t Play Video games with Thai Bar Girls Video 59

Don’t Play Video games with Bar Girls
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press the unhealthy button on the camera
then valid flashed in my eyes
hi all people Simon here another time whoa frosty
I’ve got vivid flash here is judicious one of
these random movies that I as soon as in some time
attain valid had a comment from judicious one of you
swish subscribers I valid led to a
memory in my head and it valid gave me an
conception I mentioned sooner than I did not undoubtedly
favor to circulation onto the potato bar scene and
all that nonetheless a small off direction from
that I will attain a recent series don’t
play video games with bar ladies here is section
one and here is your fault digital Nomad
investor is his youtube name so he valid
gave me a broad comment and a conception so
what’s this all about
so this man I will decide I’m going
to recall he’s a youthful gentleman and
he used to be essentially essentially based mostly in I maintain he stated Chiang
Mai or North Island somewhere for about a
years and he went correct down to judicious some of the
accommodations or not it’s perchance Pattaya for a
weekend getaway with a chum of his
now they other folks spoke respectable tie these
are the scheme tribal signs of it and as a
shaggy dog story they thought let’s shuffle into this
beer bar and to boot they agreed the day sooner than
is it the shaggy dog story greeter whisper we valid got
into bathroom up agreed to convey they valid
shuffle into Thailand the day sooner than never
been to Thailand sooner than and acted
fully clueless we did not they
did not declare any Thai to the ladies at
first when it went into the bar he
without be conscious had six or more ladies round
the pair of them bask in honey’s to the
beast of the honey
and this goes onto that a vlog ideas
relating to the scoring intention of the ladies
from one to 10 and to boot they sat there
had some drinks for roughly twenty minutes
chatting away to the ladies so the ladies
thought is a no 1 or a number two
it reckoning on his costume sense I don’t
know how you can address did not
level out it nonetheless the overall ladies in most cases is a
no 1 or two this here is primary
aim young men first time to Thailand
a which level the digital Nomad investor
I will name you Fred and your
friend nodded to each completely different and started
talking in his phrases 100% form after which
he goes on whisper you can fill thought we
pulled out guns and started firing at
the ladies scattered what away from his
immediately the bartender even walked
away they couldn’t speed fast sufficient away
now I’ve seen this happen about a occasions
after I was a magnet bar manager and or not it’s
enjoying video games with the ladies now I’ve
also seen this happen and he shuffle unhealthy so
here’s a warning to you okay I fill
seen the ladies flip on it used to be about four
lads and I maintain it used to be in SOI ready
to convey they they don’t desire to lose face
when this happens I don’t desire to lose
face for this reason the scatter nonetheless these
this used to be gradual at evening presumably 1: 00 within the
morning all people used to be reasonably inebriated four or
5 guys did this and the ladies became
and to boot they had been throwing bottles as a man
and to boot they valid the fellows ran the ladies
went ballistic and this used to be because
enjoying this sport on the ladies so attain you
maintain sooner than you attain these because you
and collect your self into reasonably about a strife
and there could be a few completely different issues
I’ve seen alongside this line so I’m going
to realize one other flop because that is
one other funny one nonetheless pendulum Nomad
investor thanks for subscribing thanks
for the story you too can fill had hundreds of
years in Thailand in case you too can fill some
more tales bask in this effect them over I’d
cherish to realize some vlogs on it or not it’s
refreshing and or not it’s reasonably funny nonetheless valid
be careful because these ladies you realize
they’re working the trial originate some
you pull a stunt on them there could be that
50-50 probability that they are going to shuffle
the unhealthy map
god support you in case you attain it so some sluggish
boys within the bars oh oh don’t attain that no
there could be one other block there could be not sufficient
hours within the day to these vlogs okay
yeah so there we shuffle effectively with a small of
miniseries on on enjoying video games on bar
ladies there you seasick bye

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