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notify on notify does someone help the someone available and about there could be the rolling rolling rolling take a look at one two take a look at one two seven other folks watching lo hey hiya what’s up so I’m going to earn some rookie [Music] or papaya standards [Music] scent of Pattaya within the morning [Music] scent of performed bar a bit of of bit smoky in there smoky scent closed down bar scent hey no from Montana the massive affirm of Montana we’ll web none of that for breakfast [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] it’s scup 360 man it’s scorching boo spells it smells bask in closed-down bar slimy I’m gonna reduce by means of here have confidence away from the daylight pores and skin’s already sunburns hell frigid I’m contented you bask in this [Music] it’s a water within the bottom [Music] who husband says very smoky scent purchased some offerings is it no extra chat we’re peaceable on guess we’re off I’ll turn it off you guys correct taking within the scenery [Applause] [Music] oh there’s a range of oldsters exhaust at this enviornment I purchased my white tie shorts oh now man I despise once I’m strolling and bask in a topple of water falls from a building this [Applause] k take please take please [Applause] [Music] sitting outdoors Hey and I genuinely feel so seriously greater inside nonetheless the yowl I don’t comprehend it’s fashion of scuffed or I mean is it as an Cyber web scuffle in there it is ya know a bit of injurious no I correct purchased it on my arm it’s burning a gap in my arm the water finally I finally web done a range of I had a range of months within the past I turned into once doing city exploring on my channel so yeah it’s frigid yeah we’re going to earn lodge experiences now I’m going to exhaust breakfast and the contemporary lodge experiences bring up the huge-attitude on one thing hey that is day day one or day two of sunburn feeling it mosey within the vitality here it’s 10: 30 within the US k yes genuinely it’s ten it’s ten thirty nine here I’m gonna pee within the u.s. p.m. and this am here curious I didn’t comprehend it turned into once that even k so I’m gonna race in and earn some at ease and it’ll take the camera you did yes k let’s undercover agent what we purchased here used Sonia the ranking half of an web stuff in here nonetheless I don’t undercover agent it so injurious so they purchased the conventional economies this correct brush my tooth so orange juice after brush your tooth to earn issues one after the other anyone handing out stick we’re an egg count and I earn presumably three a take over straightforward so this Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so beat being dumb I don’t know I don’t know within the event that they’ve tall them so nothing [Music] this turned into once pretty powerful nothing I’d earn besides her potatoes they accent sleep [Music] [Music] k breakfast undercover agent what I purchased here and Bam Bam Bam Bam it’s oh I made toast too toast from the megacles sandwich a correct knife aimin oh man it is scorching scorching as hell pretty scorching proper now that’s all proper a bit of of bit fragment so that is the cause enviornment that I took Bjorn to when he turned into once here life it Island how’s it going it’s done all proper it’s genuinely scorching and damn it’s that scorching in Texas undercover agent my sunburn on the save I the white fingers my fingers are white it’s bask in once I lay within the Sun I turned into once bask in this I guess yes tremendous I’ve regularly had bask in fashion of droll son son tan lines bask in I old to play drums and took drum lessons as a baby I’ve regularly had bask in white underside after which darkish and I’ve even tried to earn in LA and earn Sun on this side nonetheless for some reason it’s regularly praying for ground [Music] it’s all one amongst my t-shirts [Music] there’s greatest bask in three other folks to bottom yeah I don’t come here it’s one it’s 150 I usually don’t exhaust so powerful on breakfast nonetheless it’s all-you-can-exhaust so as that’s a pretty decent deal for I even exhaust as a fluff will return as a questioner uh is she help and Lavagirl oh wow it’s purchased mukbang the save you wish a ton I desire to earn that sometime in a buffet I don’t know the save boy is that they left this camera I don’t know if he’s peaceable rolling nonetheless you’re going to take a dump or one thing be rolling there you and your like thumbnails well it’s it’s a to time due to the then you definately don’t web to create yet another later nonetheless you largely take those off on anyway afterwards so you’re no longer live proper now you you yeah this one 50 baht I usually don’t bask in to exhaust so powerful nonetheless into the face and it’s gradual down so we’ve unless 11: 30 what [Music] they’re gonna help it extra egg yeah I finally web papaya they don’t web mango anyone asked the service yarns I’ve in no device seen written Viserion serious her son no relation hmm bow-chicka-wow-wow Luis Cabo donated $7 by means of tremendous chat I’ve purchased the tab low yeah I mean don’t earn pressured bask in this due to the I worked in Hollywood and I’ll narrate unless says stuff bask in that it’s bask in it’s a range of oldsters web done it I’m you understand I’m one amongst many it’s no longer bask in you comprehend it’s no longer that massive of a deal you understand in case you’re employed in case you create movies in case you create movies that’s fashion of a town the save you could fashion of race and create them in so nonetheless I’d made trailers and give you these particular aspects and commercials a range of lame dumb stuff nonetheless that is correct bask in work stuff bask in Disney and yet another bask in TV expose crap that I correct wasn’t inquisitive about nonetheless every now and again I purchased a frigid gig bask in I purchased to edit the Cheech and Chong up in smoke anniversary edition DVD turned into once potentially my celebrated gig I did the thing called the person tune on there couple of the opposite particular aspects on there the one the save bask in the interview with Cheech and Joan bow-chicka-wow-wow Luis Cabo donated $7 by means of tremendous chat Karate Kid 2 Thank You Louis what you did starting to earn this extra food sooner than they shut about one thing else what don’t crash I don’t crash food I don’t deem this’ll call nonetheless k now it’s each person I wish at you why you search files from I didn’t apply in it hey what’s now [Music] truck trailers inherently [Music] that fastened up totally Oh tall Charlotte nonetheless create coming don’t apprehension that’s correct I don’t desire to exhaust so fast yeah Magnum bearskins Louis it is possible you’ll presumably well bring me those bask in the tall containers it is bask in a 24 pack and I don’t know pointers on how to raise us on that presumably thank you low-charge Charlie’s ID now this thing I deem you must peaceable commence a hiding hiding in Japan hiding in my room video channel the yeah I told them you must peaceable meet up with them in Japan nonetheless um nonetheless Charlie’s been and Charlie’s been in Tokyo and that guy lives pretty a distance from them [Music] sugar I’m starting to genuinely feel the fool bow-chicka-wow-wow Luis Cabo donated two greenbacks by means of tremendous chat done deal I am bringing you two containers oh frigid thank you seemingly be correct in time to yeah that’d be gigantic if Jordan came help I do know he’s planning on it nonetheless when exactly on second tremendous magic powers [Music] I deem I hit too fast that banana let’s time to head bananas so premiere final time I crepes within the bananas and took them to head Thailand genuinely we aren’t had to half his donation to the entire RV other folks city genuinely man that’s lame due to the his his contacting man I mean I didn’t even leer how earn you even leer any of those other channels genuinely nighttime none of those channels confirmed up and stuff Oh crazy condom lady she’s crazy and yeah you bought a you bought to be taught issues you understand so how did web it a bit of of bit of distance here I hoped that she’d I’m hoping I hoped that she’d be fashion of frigid stuff nonetheless yeah I don’t know she doesn’t appear to be bask in the model to they favor to commit to due to the though fashion of flaky it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably’t trust her so nonetheless correct fun yeah it’s fashion of too injurious nonetheless it’s no longer it’s no longer the total cutoff no matter I’m correct announcing that uh yeah it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably’t know yeah you could yeah absolutely it’s too injurious though +0 so over and over you understand you mean a trick and also you’re correct bask in oh man this could perhaps presumably well presumably be bask in you understand this could perhaps presumably well presumably be gigantic if it worked out or no matter otherwise you understand there’s possible or one thing after which after which fact yeah totally she is good nonetheless I deem for me bask in it’d be frigid they’d bask in correct be company with you understand or yeah bask in you could be company with crazy lady presumably with advantages yeah fun nonetheless I don’t know presumably she’ll be around yet yet again nonetheless there’s so many race no one bask in this it’s correct that how about what I’ve in no device genuinely been in reference to Russian ladies I regularly earn fashion of a cold vibe from them I finally favor Asian ladies I old to web a t-shirt that acknowledged when you race Asian you in no device race Caucasians it’s been fashion of the very fact fact for me nonetheless no offensive Caucasian ladies nonetheless it’s correct desire possible Billy polish ladies label collectively yeah exactly oh don’t race to the Thailand to fulfill Russian ladies I’ve in no device genuinely that correct bomb there objection fried to I finally web to say they’re all injurious nonetheless I mean it’s genuinely about correct 5 didn’t stuff bask in that and I’ve in no device had a correct vibe now I turned into once I nearly married a Hungarian lady once and Hungarian ladies tremendous it’s the acceptable time at house Scott married yeah in case you commence to this in case you commence to sense that there’s going to be you understand nonsense and drama with anyone you’re striking out with and now you bought it bask in separate exactly six months is done you understand bask in and um the divorce attorneys and stuff bask in that that turned into once I mean correct a greater term the 7-year itch bask in that’s marriage that’s when most other folks spoil up after seven years I deem it’s fashion of bask in long previous it’s potentially even less now yeah totally I deem earn married is a really injurious figuring out in particular on at this time time and time it’s such an ragged thought you comprehend it’s bask in it’s no longer vital unless you finally desire to web teenagers or one thing bask in that or in case you’ve got teenagers with the moment it is miles realizing to financially and stuff bask in that nonetheless it’s one thing that I don’t I’ve in no device genuinely been sought-after you’re attempting what relationship or marriage or and yeah so afters it’s fashion of bask in the total six month taking anyone Buddha’s of you lady for what one thing Oh No I favor no longer tremendous yes it’s bask in nonetheless you understand the total thing with the relationships k so there’s bask in there’s bask in the three days you understand the three day will fashion of thing they in case you and this goes for any man or lady could presumably well earn the same fashion of thing nonetheless there’s three day rule or otherwise you understand correct vital less than that the one date after which two three days after which after which you bought bask in you understand I don’t know bask in then it’s fashion of a gray space into bask in a month or six months or one thing bask in that nonetheless nonetheless I you ever reduce it’s bask in yeah it appears bask in after bask in six months and also you’re then you definately’re fashion of bask in looking out on how powerful they’re staying over at your private house gonna deem and also you’re collectively it’s bask in the that’s it’s six months that’s in case you it’s either as they are saying or earn off the pot no bask in so after six months in case you bought to create a decision you understand you deem it’s going to be a keeper you’re gonna bail you understand due to the then you definately then then you definately commence to earn into bask in some extra bask in you understand the very fact that the honeymoon is over a fashion of and after which in case you’re entering into the Year fragment you comprehend it’s fashion of bask in k elephantine-on nonetheless then there’s bask in I’d narrate that it’s bask in then then it’s you entering into the possible lengthy-term relationship I despise to say married or no matter nonetheless so then it’s bask in two to three years I don’t know why you to web a system for this Ike it’s no longer coming to me proper now nonetheless there old to web a system for what with all this time timeframe and stuff nonetheless in case you commence entering into talking about marriage or fancy or relationships it’s challenging courting 101 nonetheless yeah in particular in case you commence bask in thinking lengthy dash stuff after which talking about it and getting a bit of of bit extra desirous about dedication focus on that’s when it fashion of that’s in case you finally know who you’re going by means of yeah that’s we’re trapped the ranking yep totally no I’m straightening for my cell phone um nonetheless yeah in case you even undercover agent it bask in the from the commence most ceaselessly frigid ladies you understand they’re attempting to trap you and stuff bask in that and so they’re bask in and it’s correct gonna you correct you largely that is the one thing k and I and I regularly did this I regularly done this within the previous the save in case you commence the date a lady or no matter you could bask in assign a bookmark on your life you could avoid losing a develop of time impress and also you could say I am ultimate with being on my own sooner than you needless to narrate is a frigid chick I’m about to you understand I’m striking out over here and nonetheless I’m ultimate I am I’m stable particular person I earn no longer must peaceable be in a relationship it’s one thing that fashion of that I’ve regularly done and it’s one thing that I will that I terminate up going help to you understand when the connection goes sour due to the and I deem it’s I don’t know if that is realizing to you nonetheless in case you I it’s helped me plenty doing that and in case you in case you reassure your self while you’re fashion of peaceable single though you understand and this couldn’t even happen bask in in case you’re first assembly a lady you understand I mean usually even on a date develop of thing it’s fashion of bask in or in case you’re about to stroll into a topic to earn laid I deem you could be sure your self sooner than you race on this topic and be bask in I’m fun no longer getting laid you understand I’m ultimate no longer being a relationship with this lady or no matter and also you could remind your self and proper and proper fashion of correct exhaust that I mean it’s no longer a tall thing and also you understand I’m no longer talking about one thing bask in to you understand serious – you understand other folks are going to twist it up or one thing bask in that nonetheless as a adverse or one thing presumably nonetheless nonetheless don’t correct correct correct it’s extra about this reassuring your self correct you needless to narrate I I am you comprehend it’s a self perception thing and also you correct old to bask in I’m fun with out earn laid tonight I’m ultimate with out you understand and and which skill truth you’re no longer as presumably you understand you’re no longer as needy you’re also you furthermore mght purchased that you just even web that reassurance to return to be bask in I reminded myself that you just understand I mean it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably peaceable race k I’m ultimate so you bought a bail we’ve purchased a bail and when the shit’s going race you understand don’t don’t strive and have confidence attempting to raise at it bask in getting laid otherwise you understand an terminate up screwing your life up or losing your time and stuff with a injurious relationship you understand in case you apply me yeah frequent passion is bask in frequent pursuits and also anyone else that has their very web thing going on yet I mean bask in finding a lady who has purchased her web industry or her web leisure pursuits and issues bask in that I’ve dated ladies the save it’s fashion of bask in yeah you bought it you gotta be gonna be wretched assign a bow chicka wow wow Luis Cabo donated 5 greenbacks by means of tremendous chat in case you’d like to it feed it or repair it Renton ran it exactly turned into once yeah it’s bask in you needless to narrate no matter it is it’s bask in you largely hope for the acceptable Cielo oh wow is this the this one has these correct qualities or one thing bask in that presumably presumably they earn web a industry and even they earn web some fashion of thing no matter it’s fashion of you understand I correct I don’t know I I usually narrate bask in it’s bask in a three-legged slump you don’t I’m talking about you bask in tie nonetheless a three-legged slump you bought two other folks and so they’ve they’ve you tie the legs collectively after which after which impulsively in case you’re going by means of life and also you could be bask in on this unnatural fashion of thing for the connection you needless to narrate’s why that’s why I deem having a bit of of bit extra open relationship or one thing bask in that or I mean there’s are some issues that can even be explored you comprehend it doesn’t work for each person and it’s also fashion of to be totally staunch I haven’t been in a proper relationship the save it’s been bask in elephantine-on open bask in that and I’d bask in to give it a strive you understand I’ve had a entire bunch girlfriends girlfriends I’d finally narrate heaps I’ve had a pair ex-girlfriends that I’ve crooked up and we’ve long previous to swingers clubs collectively and and it turned into once frigid due to the it turned into once bask in our art work bond turned into once bask in you understand broken off so you understand and it’s regularly correct in case you race into a swingers membership or one thing bask in that to web a lady with you you understand to you understand grow to industry sausage and uh at the event and so so in case you’re no longer in case you don’t web that fashion of that insecurity a range of oldsters web when there’s a relationship or that or that develop of that ownership fashion of a thing you needless to narrate participants bask in nonetheless it’s males or ladies folks in that the jealousy and all that fashion of stuff you don’t web that you just’re correct getting a strive you understand I mean in case you’ve got an ex-female friend that you just continue to fashion of connect with or to web the possible for take her to a swingers membership you understand space off you understand no strings attached after which it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably correct race in there correct be hiya you understand race bang away and on the most main and I had a blast on this one enviornment the save I had met up with an ex-female friend I bumped into her correct out and about after which I acknowledged hiya let’s race out for dinner or one thing so we went out to dinner after which afterwards she turned into once bask in well what earn you could earn and and I turned into once bask in to trick me proper now let’s take a image of him so so anyway so when your what turned into once I announcing what turned into once I announcing yeah Lewis Lewis she’s calling the person went within the course of the avenue is what occurs now it’s standing over there yeah that’s no longer out of it so anyway I deem I don’t know that turned into once the terminate of that I don’t know he correct fashion of walked out for you play to the image now that’s a celebrated or they’re talking on cell phone yeah it appears bask in he’s taking a eye at the signal it’s the sketch we earn on this in elephantine out of it k this goes all proper yeah totally it took a ladyboy with out apparel or with out his costume yeah I don’t know nonetheless yeah as some distance as bask in relationship crap you understand correct bask in I deem that I deem that it’s fashion of bask in it’s fashion of bask in anarchism the enviornment isn’t genuinely you understand ready for it you comprehend it’d be it’d be gigantic to be in a enviornment to web that the save other folks web cooled one yet another you understand nonetheless it’s obvious that participants are no longer frigid with one yet another and so they they fashion of that they’re they’re no longer frigid one yet another there’s peaceable fashion of nonsense and stuff nonetheless when when the enviornment can society can even be fooled one yet another and every thing that could presumably well happen and in case you understand when other folks fashion of earn over the cling-u.s.a.of the conventional kinds of issues of you understand traditional values of issues and after which earn over the jealousy stuff yeah jealousy turned into once no longer correct so whether it’s yeah so due to the you deem it that’s that’s why in case you don’t desire you understand your lady banging anyone else or one thing bask in that it’s bask in I guess you comprehend it’s it’s develop of one thing that’s yes society correct the the society norms and bask in that I deem that uh I confidently I desire to I desire to fashion of you understand promote develop of the possible picks and stuff bask in that and there’s a it’s it’s it’s fashion of bask in it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably’t web a machine that’s an different to the machine that you just currently in its it’s it’s due to the it’s a battle you understand and so as that’s why a range of systems that terminate and movements of different movements and issues I deem web presumably failed due to the you understand in case you’ve got the the powers that be or the plenty which would be other folks you understand which would be you understand have confidence attempting to raise the same thing in enviornment and stuff it’s correct it’s correct bask in a yeah same-same all-stars correct that is the machine and the entire issues which would be in enviornment it’s correct fashion of bask in it’s bask in in case you deem leer the fashion of crap that I earn Thank You Louis that’s from Louis I’m a vegetarian that could presumably well presumably contend with a deer yeah that’s a correct come Dale college yeah man Eastlake keeps tooth it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably commerce it later nonetheless I mean I’ve regularly fashion of you understand the develop of questions stuff after which after which tried to you understand earn what what I genuinely feel this proper that I desire to earn and stuff bask in that and also you understand a range of oldsters correct race affiliate with a earn alongside you understand after which you’re gonna regularly earn alongside with its it thank you you’re regularly gonna earn into the same crap you needless to narrate you’re correct spoon fed by society and also you understand what fashion of stuff so it’s it’s no longer straightforward strolling the different route no longer straightforward at all because it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably fashion of undercover agent and nonetheless I’d narrate it’s a extra rewarding route you understand it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably fashion of bask in quit a who you is at risk of be after which commence to bend who you finally are for to create to create money on you understand or to to soothe the plenty and stuff bask in that or a half bask in every other folks who’re you understand attempting to let you know what to earn and stuff bask in that nonetheless I say you at the terminate of your life you’re going to be very dissatisfied with taking that route due to the I’ve correct talked to a range of oldsters you understand and I’ve be taught a range of stuff about other folks on their deathbed and every thing and bask in I acknowledged in my very first video those graphic the Star Wars taking a eye graphic and stuff be taught that I didn’t earn the acceptable you comprehend it’s it’s bask in it turned into once fashion of quick I didn’t earn the acceptable job of explaining it no matter nonetheless I deem and earn a thought it’s bask in he correct purchased you correct purchased to live your life and stuff yeah Lewis I don’t know if that’s the time that you just finally desire to be going vegetarian nonetheless tremendous I mean it is possible you’ll presumably well presumably give it a strive I will expose you there’s heaps of drinking locations and issues to exhaust at nonetheless nonetheless yeah you gotta web I deem there’s no matter counting on your reason you doing it for ethical reasons are you doing it for or health prisons due to the in case you’re doing it for health reasons I’d narrate it’s no longer a correct figuring out necessarily to earn it here due to the you’ll web powerful extra alternatives the save you’re at potentially let’s undercover agent yeah the West is certainly obey obey the zombies and also you understand and I mean correct stand-up comedy you don’t I mean bask in deem it bask in how how lame it is now I mean there’s that one dude what’s his name who Joe talked about Joe Rogan talked about on this podcast no longer too lengthy within the past about them that that he’s been he’s been shadow ban the person that’s been shadow banned on Instagram you needless to narrate’s correct showing you one thing you understand or showing us one thing you understand you earn shadow banned by these companies and stuff and uh after which you bought you bought bask in these bask in sjw kinds these uh meet to circulation sjw kinds that they arrive after me you understand and and I mean the opposite folks who fashion of harass me and stuff take imprint to what the hell are announcing in case you understand in case you don’t deem they’re SJW to in a me to circulation fashion of oldsters I mean bask in that’s exactly what they sound bask in and if it’s a bunch of dudes doing that what a bunch of I mean if if that’s if that’s what you is at risk of be bask in it why due to the that’s what you sound bask in you understand genuinely yeah we’d bask in you to k k nonetheless they vital you’ve got seen here well I correct leer it online nonetheless yeah did they’ve peep of seed fights broadcaster I’ve finally in no device seen a broadcast one here to be staunch [Music] well does it pay-per-peep occasions that’s ordinary you understand what I in no device genuinely thought to be that I correct watched the rebroadcast on YouTube low-charge once I’ve been here with that that dears by tau Diaz brothers all proper so we’re gonna earn now we’re gonna earn some butoh experiences lodge overview give it a strive oh tremendous so we newsboys lens seriously greater and I will be taught the chat cutaway they’re the ones I’ve regularly been free I’ve regularly been freelance regularly in no device had in no device had a boss in my web boss so the total life then you definately understand what I’m all about and stuff bask in that an entrepreneur from the very early age had my my dad told me you understand I’m no longer gonna grasp you you understand you started working for your self so I’m purchased a purchaser in automobile and no matter so I started the backyard mowing industry once I turned into once bask in genuinely young and and that’s the device in which it started after which purchased into you understand having diversified agencies in excessive college and stuff bask in selling candy and and after which

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