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China v Thailand | Highlights | Ladies’s VNL 2019

Macau, China, Could seemingly well 28, 2019 – China coach Lang Ping was as soon as cosy with the likelihood proven by her key gamers upon their return to the squad for week two of the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Countries League and wired the importance of constant to toughen as a crew.

China coach Lang Ping said: “Right here’s the foremost match since the return of most of our key gamers and they’ve all put in a colossal effort this day. I in actuality feel our gamers need further enhancements on crew strategies and this match will again as an even platform for constructing crew chemistry and working out.”

China captain Zhu Ting said: “I’m very cosy with the make a choice this day. We accomplished effectively as a crew and had been in a space to remark the outcomes of our exhausting work at apply. I am hoping we are succesful of further raise our requirements within the next two matches.”

Thailand coach Danai Sriwacharamaytakul said: “We fully expected a tough match in opposition to the hosts this day. Within the foremost two objects we bought the ball effectively, but because the match went on shall we now not deal with China’s extremely efficient serves.”

Thailand captain Nootsara Tomkom said: “We enjoyed the match this day especially within the foremost two objects, but we misplaced reasonably quite loads of points on our serves in pronounce three and we had been unable to recover.”

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tisha coreboot alert the younger middle blocker making a fourth straight starter comes up with an ace driven straight at Gong Jack you strategy up with just a few extra of those unlikely now not a significantly better carrier reception from long previous this time and accomplished off by you engine you a middle of the nem obtain your hardhat now clutch up will now again as much as 2 fielded by a sharp or backcourt and properly accomplished by one spin ILO angkong lang it no doubt appears very very assured comparatively of an discipline at the rating for the Thai crew the heart-broken carrier reception this chatter port is blocked out of it it’s doubtless you’ll per chance be gin you a that’s a block remark lope with the 2 spikes making an tall and instantaneous affect right here a form of many Olympic gold medalists so fantastic points but one more one which’s 16 points Chen Xuan Mach 3 so Dignan will proceed with again after the technical time-out by some means fantastic one-handed rescue and colossal little bit of improvisation however the Thais obtain it advantage Wang with the set up and quandary out right here comes danger a sheriff or with a colossal advantage called dick for the Thais and they make a choice the purpose off the advantage of it as effectively that was as soon as an tall rescue for my Shara born and to happen off the advantage dwell disguise that properly very properly disguised attack that the newborn continues to pile up the points that’s now not basically the most efficient carrier reception but it’s been rescued completely Ridley she hasn’t scored for a whereas she was as soon as over Joo and she delivered long previous it again they’re in danger right here you’re now not panel is fantastic has to recycle that they’ll strategy strategy aspect and Jiang Chang meeting joins within the fun when they’re starting up to unpick Thailand’s defences right here danger right here but effectively rescued to place faraway from Puget but now not a terribly impartial clutch up there this was as soon as an even little bit of atmosphere they’re unbiased correct organising the attacking plume ship that attack was as soon as never gonna work you’re now not all over as soon as more handles the defensive work no winner there 4s chatter point is there a winner strategy seek no there isn’t for Lee now not a terribly impartial rally by some means won it Shire has stored that one alive and tumble it denied as effectively backcourt rescue each teams on fleshy defense right here looms it unbiased correct has to recycle that even supposing right here’s a likelihood there’s backside attack from you on Ginuwine to remain it off I name there was as soon as handiest one destination that’s a terribly mountainous pickup from Peter Pan oi but when Shang managed to clutch that up inevitable penalties adopted little bit of defense bringing in to pawn can align pack skimming again that it’s a terribly impartial again and they’re gonna better obtain it advantage sure it’s a dump and hope so Thailand in actuality should always make a choice this point and the initiative is fantastic previous – the tides are to the Chinese and the backcourt attack from Shang is supreme await it await it right here she comes there she goes unbiased correct called the line no it’s now not that’s an even rescue from Wang Lee Lee Baroque now Thailand enjoy bought to capitalize on this and they dwell by some means unbiased correct about so there was as soon as no momentum to lift it advantage unbiased correct touched it over that soup Astra recent is there gonna be within the firing line but one more fantastic reverse pronounce with blue jet what’s coming unbiased correct gonna strive to discontinuance it and if shooting doesn’t obtain you you aren’t June you a no doubt can’t unbiased correct again completely devastating you forced two defenders to pass after it you’ve accomplished one thing unbiased and they’ve unbiased correct bought in one but one more’s arrangement put into that semicircle they’ve bought so many strategies enormous it’s going to’t procure a winner see out welcome to the 2019 volleyball nation’s league shooting her first point it no doubt won’t be her final as soon as that was as soon as heading in that direction OC point takes China to pronounce point right here with you I’m the star of this predominant pronounce serving for it the backcourt attack is impartial ample when it Xiao long Tong Liang sitting there ready bought a time that unbiased split within the Brocklin unbiased correct searching for to stick with them as this 2nd pronounce gets underway with Li Ying Ying serving at fleshy stretch the block denying when it shire so that they’ll lope to the opposite aspect first time strive to reverse it explore if any individual’s at I heard an even impartial first pronounce herself we’d again it’s an even one properly handled by Li realistic touch oh that’s an even pancake completely dazzling stuff defensively from newts ara effectively then from defense into attack and there’s Chara ports so she faucet on would again oh it’s doubtless you’ll per chance read that in any case pronounce up handiest one which it’s doubtless you’ll per chance imagine final outcome is long previous the Chinese we’re gonna obtain advantage into their groove there’s chatter port handles again strategy up with the winner I’ll lope this aspect you aren’t as soon as more beautiful high reverse pronounce what can the puget in cow strategy up with right here it’s but one more impartial again but it’s handled emphatically by you and me in actuality bought clutch up there from shank backcourt Liang yung would again rescue as effectively and that’s swinging thru Gong Jiang Yu cases you uncover precision infrequently you uncover placement infrequently you uncover touch infrequently you unbiased correct oh that was as soon as danger that was as soon as danger Yan was as soon as there lead has long previous Church would enjoy introduced out right here in Macau quality on the bench as effectively enormous it aren’t in a space to strategy advantage up with a winner advantage it’s gonna strategy the block has accomplished its job and that was as soon as chat you on field reap realistic little bit of atmosphere you’re now not hurdles carrier reception shut your Matsuri can’t procure a winner but Gong Chang it’s doubtless you’ll per chance they unbiased correct couldn’t obtain the block up in time yeah me with servants now not an extraordinarily deadly one but it introduced about comparatively of chaos and the initiative passes straight over to China and that’s as easy as chair upon coming up may perchance per chance enjoy accomplished otherwise there so obtain ready for this third pronounce there with the saara tom gentle serving sturdy originate from the Chinese Lee Jung GIGO can’t obtain a winner should always never obtain a 2nd to pass at this now it’s the backcourt attack coming in in actuality comparatively of defensive work from the Libero and they serve it alive sure they will by some means soup a entice sends it over city rack achieve now not enjoy any play advantage it comes as soon as more 2nd touch doesn’t work from Malika backcourt attack at final works tough spare I believed the soup after pan roshni libero for Thailand within the bank or they’re performing heroics riffing rally that indubitably impartial sturdy defense particularly from Thailand and by some means resistance broken no stopping that one lope on continuing with again it was as soon as properly accomplished luge it took out beautiful pronounce out of a 2nd time exhibiting some promise but in actuality since the midway point of that 2nd pronounce China enjoy unbiased correct long previous to a complete recent stage is that what going is there a play sure there is just a few now it’s strategy advantage that’s completely unbiased correct from Lee and the block is there unbiased correct little bit of football there from satiric completely impartial for sure as effectively they’ve silent strategy up on the depraved dwell of it at fleshy stretch long previous unbiased correct losing the Anubis city rack unbiased correct wants 15 points on again in a row and that’s now not going on sporting picks that one up lope quick aspect long previous does ample the block was as soon as in achieve but couldn’t serve it in play and that’s the dwell of that [Music]

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12 thoughts on “China v Thailand | Highlights | Ladies’s VNL 2019

  • December 26, 2019 at 4:30 pm

    now we acquire a fight in opposition to thailand with jaja in our womens national volleyball crew

  • December 26, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    i look that thais acquire challenge receiving support row assault

  • December 30, 2019 at 2:58 am


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  • January 23, 2020 at 5:19 am

    U know when a crew is de facto broad, when their libero practically suits the height of your middle blocker. China's height and talents are deadly, making them upward push all all over again as asia's prime crew. Nonetheless you cant detest the volleyball recreation that Thai's giving! Men! They're too a energy home, amidst of all hindrances, proving a world class volleyball, and one of many real crew in asia and prime ranked crew in SEA. So very equivalent to! And admire for every groups.

  • February 3, 2020 at 3:39 am



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