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[Music] again welcome attend to 1 more video we’re reside on the mean streets of deep China and I’m gonna rep you along with me on a diminutive bit scamper on a diminutive bit adventure we’re gonna explore the predominant streets of deep China so buckle up your seat belts due to things things are about to glean a diminutive bit bit bumpy on this scamper pull up a chair glean a glass of a diminutive bit drink and be half of me on this scamper thru the mean streets of D China it’s about it’s ten previous ten and nights we’re gonna look if we can come upon the rest attention-grabbing spherical this predicament obtained a diminutive bit Chinese restaurant there you gotta gesture whoa hiya Wow okay come on okay thanks howdy come up every of you a particular person named Andrew sama Oh Howie effectively this restaurant ah Yuri so that they’ll reside originate originate kitchen and and there’s a Katy vida ah yo Lisa withhold on a 2nd what does that screech that photographs photographs I will also bask in factual shot my pants we’ve obtained some bobbies over there I don’t know what they’re doing it appears to be like I was a diminutive of a diminutive of a diminutive of a tussle going off between two fellas I don’t are wanting to glean too shut due to I’ll doubtlessly screech factual expose me to discontinuance filming the road that had been within the intervening time on that effectively that would factual come to is in Chinese it’s called corruption street so I’m guessing that we would possibly very effectively be we would possibly very effectively be coming into into a diminutive bit little bit of action down right here in case you know what I mean we’re getting closer and closer to the road is named corruption Avenue effectively in actual fact we’re already on it but we’re getting closer to the to the predominant little bit of the road [Music] obtained Muse there membership employ let’s rep a peep inner lets oh wow chandelier [Music] [Music] [Music] loud white white cloud in there trip a diminutive bit bit come a diminutive bit bit – now and look at this and now we bask in a yellow Porsche blocking the air blocking the pavement it’s rather a diminutive of rich folks in China there’s a form of cash flowing thru China this KTV appears like it’s either shutting down or opening but appears to be like to be like it’s opening Wow Giovanni lifestyles they’ll nook store obtained a police on the avenue nook what you obtained a SWAT group ready and on-name ready for action ready for attacking yeah you’ve obtained a form of avenue meals yeah we factual obtained rather a diminutive of other folks factual sat on the avenue rim hiya me gamma Dhoni Oh how are you Oh form John semi semi yr now not tonight handle it from you thanks but I stroll we’ve obtained one more nightclub right here it’s called gallon house gallon house let’s bask in a peep inner and look if there’s the rest now we can look [Music] now we elect to glean there [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] 2nd [Music] [Music] effectively I will in actuality hear what used to be seen by used to be saying I will’t film inner that so why he said I will bask in to head away I bask in he said I will bask in to head away by his mad face that’s what I bask in she said how low of him even supposing guys some vegetation there I wager if I was filming with a phone who wouldn’t bask in said the rest internet cafe effectively what used to be so busy [Music] [Music] [Music] effectively I was a Chinese internet bar factory and avid gamers and factual folks going into tonight watches down right here’s a diminutive bit KTV let’s look if I will let’s look if I will glean loves all over this KTV [Music] these fabricate of locations they’ve they’ve they’ve metal detectors by their absolutely ineffective [Applause] [Music] [Music] let’s bask in a diminutive bit guided tour of a Chinese cheerful TV look at these gargantuan like [Music] it’s fabricate of weird them strolling spherical at a TV and a I’m now not booked in any potential step it out you guys the guy factual asked me the guy factual asked me what room I’m I going to I said I don’t know good Lola what’s occurring and then attend to the replace sector Wow Wow Neha [Music] a diminutive I know the keep there you all comprehend it and also you all adore it it’s the fucking World Hotel and over there this McDonald’s I’m now not heading there now due to I’ve already ate as of late I’ve already had nine burgers [Music]

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