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CHEAP THAILAND HOLIDAY: 5-STAR Pattaya HOTEL Overview – is this the BEST resort in Pattaya Thailand?

The resort that i stayed at became once the Brighton Gargantuan Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. Or no longer it’s tackle:

Deal with: หมู่ที่ 5 666/66 ถนน นาเกลือ Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

On the intention, it is a swish bit from about a of the more standard Pattaya tourist destinations comparable to the Pattaya strolling freeway, and the Pattaya sea trek freeway, and the Pattaya Terminal 21 mall – alternatively the Brighton Gargantuan presents a complimentary shuttle carrier which makes it a lot more straightforward to access these areas.

Thailand is honestly one amongst my vacation destinations in Asia. Acknowledged as the ‘land of smiles’, Thai folk are extremely nice, the food is extremely scrumptious, and an dear vacation there is extremely real looking.

I made up my mind to splurge a slight bit on my outing to Pattaya Thailand and pause at a 5 megastar resort. What i progressively produce when wanting at accommodations/ deciding the obtain to pause is to clearly get dangle of into designate, but moreover predicament, and how they’ve been rated by those that’ve stayed there ahead of. I produce turn out happening tons of accommodations booking websites comparable to Trivago, Motels.com, Booking.com, Agoda and clearly, Airbnb to survey potentially the most handy resort at it’s respective designate point.

I carried out up booking the Brighton Gargantuan Hotel in Pattaya Thailand with Motels.com because i chanced on a chit code online that gave me a tiny decrease designate. Additionally, the magnificence of Motels.com is that must you e book and pause 10 nights with them, you unquestionably rep 1 free evening equal to the typical designate of the 10 nights you like paid for.

The designate of Brighton Gargantuan Hotel in Pattaya became once $325 USD for 5 nights, i.e. it became once $65 USD per evening.

I became once sharing with 2 other mates, and we bought 2 resort rooms between 3 folk – one resort room became once a twin mattress, and the other (the one i stayed in) became once the King mattress.

This ended up being $130 USD between 3 folk,
i.e. it became once $43 USD per particular person, per evening.

We would with out complications like had a fourth particular person pause with out adding to the whole designate, which wouldve brought down the designate per particular person to $32.50 USD.

Honest gotta assemble more mates i explain. lol jk,….

hope you liked my Pattaya thailand vlog!


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CHEAP THAILAND HOLIDAY: 5-STAR Pattaya HOTEL Overview – is this the BEST resort in Pattaya Thailand?
[Music] we now like impartial arrived in Pattaya this resort is improbable it is Sophie and the mattress it is one amongst the supreme beds I’ve ever seen now expose me if right here is not any longer the supreme mattress you’ve ever seen watch at this and let’s assessment out the john to boot don’t sit helpful I didn’t bring my toothbrush a stout-length mirror to guarantee that that my outfit is on point and it strikes there is moreover a giant pool impartial overlooking your whole of Pattaya they’ve moreover bought poolside lounges and lounging by the pool is your ingredient but when the pull ain’t your ingredient that’s completely aesthetic it’s most likely you’ll possibly possibly advance too when their restaurants churn these in point of fact satisfied seats and expertise the gaze [Music] and they moreover like a stout gym for in the occasion you’ve had one too many packed eyes I’m clearly no longer in the greatest kind foot attire but I will advance reduction I promise they moreover like a cool tape which I in point of fact like Automator she [Applause] adorable stereo which I guess it’s reasonably cool but it is fully boiling yes sir I’m getting out of right here so I became once gonna assessment out diploma eight because it has the ballroom and stuff but this appears to be like to be somewhat creepy so no thanks now the resort does offer a breakfast buffet but that is 500 baht which is somewhat dear having said that there might possibly be a free resort shuttle that takes you to central Pattaya the ocean trek or the wall the obtain it’s most likely you’ll possibly possibly rep your coffee and this plate of fried rice focused on beneath two bucks so whereas I’m having my coffee I impartial are wanting to chat in point of fact fleet about how I chanced on this resort because I’m no longer a half of any resort program I progressively e book with resort booking websites that enable’s impartial gaze all available rooms at their respective costs and using these websites it’s most likely you’ll possibly possibly progressively obtain a decrease designate code online that helps you to place a slight bit little bit of money and for some websites luxuriate in the particular particular individual that I frail which became once accommodations comm must you pause and e book ten nights using their platform you unquestionably rep one evening free so for this resort it came to a pair hundred and twenty-five bucks for five nights which became once sixty five bucks per evening so we booked two resort rooms between three folk which came down to forty three bucks per evening per particular person when it comes to room configuration it’s most likely you’ll possibly possibly both like two beds or one giant king mattress which I don’t know must it’s most likely you’ll possibly possibly expose my video but it’s impartial two beds pushed together so we would prefer with out complications had a fourth particular person joined and the whole designate wouldn’t like changed but the cost per particular person per evening would had been thirty-two bucks which is pretty improbable must you interrogate me given your whole amenities that the resort had to present but I don’t maintain I’m carried out let’s return in time reduction to Thailand Janis alright attain what you had to explain and to boot as to all that the resort moreover gave us two complimentary drink vouchers that we can redeem downstairs at the bar let’s assessment it out [Music] I don’t even know what right here is but it tastes scrumptious now I’m no longer subsidized or the relaxation none of this whisper is subsidized the reason I’m making this video is because I impartial major to allotment how helpful this resort is and the whole lot it has to present I mean but must it’s most real looking to sponsor me hi anyway that is it for this day I hope you liked this video I’d be in point of fact grateful must you let me know in the comments beneath what produce you principally trek to e book your accommodation and produce you like any additional pointers and tricks on the procedure it’s most likely you’ll possibly possibly place money because I am all about saving money anyway thank you so powerful for sticking till the very crash I publish contemporary movies every Tuesdays and Fridays so assemble obvious to like a examine them out must you like time I hope you like an improbable relaxation of the day and an improbable relaxation of the week and I will gaze you in my subsequent video subsequent Tuesday bye e [Music]

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