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Aqualoop – Ramayana Waterpark, Pattaya, Thailand

The Aqualoop water slide at Ramayna Waterpark near Pattaya, Thailand is a trapdoor slide which begins in the launch capsule with the trap door. After the trapdoor opens, the slider drops down the near vertical drop into the 360 degree loop. This is located next to the other trapdoor slide at the park. Sliders are…

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Pattaya,Soi Chaiyapoon Comely Ladies, June 2022

Pattaya walk,soi chaiyapoon ladies and bars Latest videos from soi buakhao, soi6, soi7, soi8, lk metro, soi chaiyapoon, soi Diana, beach road, walking street, jomtien, pattaya nua, pattaya klang, pattaya tai. #pattaya #pattayatoday #soibuakhao #pattayanightlife

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Thailand & Pattaya News, from Unparalleled 103fm (21 June 2022)

Thailand & Pattaya News, from Fabulous 103fm (21 June 2022) The definition of growing cannabis for personal use has become a LITTLE clearer this week as the limit is set, as predicted to TEN plants per HOUSEHOLD, with households here defined as that area covered by a single chanote and NOT individual buildings within that…

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Pattaya Thailand – She said: Okay, I am going with you… – Vlog 149

Become a sponsor and watch exclusive videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC29eOuevknf-y9p0w6hj01A/join This video was filmed in Thailand, in Pattaya city. In this video, there are funny stories and street scenes. People are talking; visiting shopping malls, markets, shops, restaurants; riding motorbikes and publick transport; walking the streets 0:00 Pattaya Thailand, funny story: a retired man living in Thailand…

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Thailand village lifestyles, what to inquire of of and will you take care of it?

Leaving Pattaya and heading to the village can be quite an experience. The question is can you handle a trip and what to expect when you get there? Pattaya is as many people will say nothing like real Thailand and in fairness they are right. Village life is a far cry form the entertainment zone…

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Pattaya Christmas – 24 December 2021- Thailand V139

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