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20 seconds of Thailand in Thailand bra and a provoked in unprovoked livestream on story of I asked publicly if somebody wanted a reside circulate it changed into as soon as about 50/50 so I didn’t know which diagram to head on that so I realizing ok we’ll reside the reside circulate nonetheless we’ll appropriate reside a terribly rapid existence chain it obtained’t be a lengthy drawn-out reside circulate so pleasing is pleasing we’ll reside a reside circulate for these of you they need and for these of you who don’t settle on neatly I’ll appropriate gain it short so it doesn’t ache your mobile telephone too grand savor the mud elegant pleasing cash very top possible so no doubt doubtless the most gargantuan questions that’s been occurring since we’ve had the lockdown right here and gain is when is the airfare going to originate again when is commute going to originate again when can we drink alcohol again that’s a that’s a that’s a gargantuan one for plenty of other folks on story of whenever you’re locked down then a minimum of you would perchance presumably hang your your drinks at home nonetheless whenever you would perchance presumably’t hang drinks and Gerlach down it appropriate will get if truth be told dreary and if truth be told stupid hi there little squirrels the membership for these of you that don’t know that is a squirrel membership membership additionally so Danny and Billy and to the entire squirrels all or now not it is a ought to want to total to change into a squirrel is change into a member whenever you’re whenever you trot to my primary online page you’ll explore be part of and you would perchance presumably read about what it is to be part of you change into no doubt doubtless the most squirrel members which I if truth be told want to gain a shirt now for positively positively want to gain a squirrel shirt nonetheless what I wanted to head over this day changed into as soon as as of Friday Friday is going to be the unique month and the banned from traveling from right here to Phuket will doubtless be lifted so other folks in Camelot can trot to Phuket in any recognize we couldn’t reside that we haven’t been in a region to total that since the lockdown and hi there Kelly hi there screw Kelly and that’s a gargantuan that’s a gargantuan savor shoulders previous one thing you comprehend it’s pleasing we’re progressing home flights were re-established on all over Thailand nonetheless to now not Phuket Phuket is light then locked down when it comes to air commute doubtlessly on story of we’ve had so many instances right here in Bangkok which is allotment of Phuket so we now hang a recorded increased quantity than most of Thailand per capita and so we’re in lockdown nonetheless the place we are going to be allowed to commute south to gain that is pleasing now what each person’s hoping for is can we start seeing doubtless the major restaurants originate needless to divulge we’re now not going to sight bars up and at rubdown locations originate gyms we’re now not determined about gyms or nail salons now not determined so with any luck deem the scroll emojis I esteem the squirrel emojis with any luck we’re going to sight doubtless the major restaurants originate up the place you would perchance presumably explore it every assorted table and that’s of distancing between tables since the restaurants listed right here are appropriate the supreme thing that you would perchance presumably reside now whenever you hang a restaurant is to negate a table outdoors elegant grand with some pre wrapped meals savor the model other folks can hang takeaway meals in little bags or containers you would perchance presumably hang the soup in a gain fried rice in a container other folks reach up and it’s you know 30 40 50 60 baht in spite of it is for this higher and that’s what they’ve been doing and that’s that’s now not substandard other folks are light surviving this kind nonetheless for the larger restaurants the Italian excuse me the Italian restaurants the German restaurants the place it changed into as soon as strange for plenty of other folks to reach support internal and hang a festive evening appropriate sitting at the table and playing drinks along with your site visitors the Hoos are light closed and we don’t know we don’t know when that’s going to be going out all little squirrel ball what’s occurring I will’t wait till this month is over and the squirrels originate changing colours what I indicate by that folk I haven’t lost my thoughts the entire members that hang squirrels very top possible subsequent to their title they’re gonna they got they now not originate changing colours after after the reside of this month and that’s going to be a that’s going to be a terribly cool thing I made a video this day and it will doubtless be out tomorrow I changed into as soon as going to upload it this day nonetheless time did now not work with me and the laptop said that my storage changed into as soon as paunchy so I if truth be told want to head in and reside some technical stuff nonetheless tomorrow’s video is going to be a whopper I am so satisfied with it by the vogue no I’m appropriate going with that tomorrow’s video is going to be a terribly pleasing pleasing video that will must hang made two years ago and I didn’t even deem about it till till this lockdown and thinking of what we’re going to gain a map to reside for the next video nonetheless going support on topic we were the the lockdown we’re going to gain a map to head to Patong in a pair days we’re going to gain a map to commute a little bit extra commute is lightening up a little bit restaurants with any luck with any luck outdoors restaurants will doubtless be in a region to hang some seating and hang other folks if truth be told take a seat internal the restaurants up to now as the alcohol gross sales trot completely clueless easiest rumors abound the rumor is that the alcohol purchase will doubtless be on the most primary and we would possibly perchance also hang two days to use alcohol sooner than they strengthen a ban on alcohol that’s a rumor the assorted rumor is there’ll doubtless be a rule assign in place that you would perchance presumably acquire alcohol nonetheless presumably it’s easiest in a transient window of the day for savor a two-hour window nonetheless that’s a rumor all of these are appropriate speculations in member Billy Billy squirrel sloop squirt saloon we’re gonna hang a squirrel’s of slim secret mystery handshake sooner than it’s all over very top possible nonetheless so I made I made the thumbnail with the entire alcohol drinks and the entire lot going oh the band the band is going to be lifted sure it will doubtless be lifted the supreme distress is we don’t know when the place how what the tips are going to be in place and it’s a gargantuan paunchy mystery that a bunch of us are appropriate weird about we’re appropriate so weird on story of huh whenever you’re going to expose other folks to take a seat down down at home and now not exit and now not and now not reside grand that that’s fun and elegant straightforward to to take care of nonetheless placing off the alcohol and the restaurants and the neighborhood is the vogue most x-pac’s and most vacationers came right here for it is changing into very irritating whenever you’re a tourist right here on vacation and you’re caught on your resort and you would perchance presumably’t trot to a restaurant and you would perchance presumably’t hang a bottle of wine and it’s additionally for expats who most incessantly take a seat around with their pals and hang a chitchat within the afternoons all day lengthy drinking beers appropriate talking about the what’s occurring with the comfort of the world and the map the comfort of the world’s missing out on being a quiz in Thailand there’s a hundred and sixty-no doubt one of you right here and thirty-5 thumbs up if I will gain to sixty thumbs up then that will doubtless be 60 thumbs up nothing particular is truly going to occur other than presumably I’ll trot gain a pack up reach on the noodles that is now not a sponsored ad nonetheless it desires to be on story of these are the medium flavored knocker oh I’m going to expose you guys one thing how are the entire thumbs up we’re 53 thumbs up k 60 thumbs up and we’re gonna reside some Reaper jerky reach on let’s trot 55 55 thumbs up 173 58 thumbs up alright we’re gonna gain the 60 so as that’s 62 right here we trot all very top possible the place is it we’re gonna assign it up there did plenty of you over the three years hang despatched me many many many care applications and I want to divulge thank you for the care applications doubtless the major care applications are ease that is pork jerky as you would perchance presumably without complications explore nonetheless that is the Reaper and for these of you who would possibly perchance also or would possibly perchance also now not know Reaper the pepper Reaper is rarely any doubt doubtless the major updated peppers that’s obtainable so there’s 73 thumbs up let’s appropriate hang some Reaper alright very top possible there oh if I indulge in all of the article I will’t talk very top possible that is so hot guys it’s now not that substandard it’s very top possible-searching somebody can reside this very top possible oh so the alcohol ban is light there’s light a mystery with 175 you oh woman hmm I’m determined to flip this into the Thailand Robby’s Reaper jerky expose take care of it up guys take care of it up pleasing one so we don’t know what’s gonna occur so the motive within the support of this livestream is to support you know that within the next couple of days we’re going with the design to commute to Patong can’t trot to mangle road bangle road has been light forbidden on story of that’s the place plenty of other folks caught the virus to originate with bang tao is light off limits and that’s up north and right here in Camelot it’s appropriate very top possible-searching on story of all we now want to total is undergo the macro to gain offers for the restaurants right here if they would originate opening up the restaurants for possibilities so pleasing it’s particularly heat nonetheless it’s so pleasing mmm that’s so pleasing guys you would perchance presumably sight this up it’s now not a promotion nonetheless will doubtless be one thing you most neatly-liked the pork jerky outlet holy boy that’s hot I don’t imply the Reaper I indicate unless you’re appropriate a form of different folks that want to punish your your model buds I’m gonna trot ahead and signal off on this pleasing neatly-behaved 89 thumbs up and a hundred and seventy-5 of you checking in changed into as soon as the microphone k changed into as soon as the microphone higher this kind I had plenty of complaints about the microphone on story of I changed into as soon as I changed into as soon as preserving the microphone very top possible right here and I realizing I realizing presumably that the microphone would possibly perchance presumably be higher this kind A or B hi there hi there or B reach on guys I want to sight aids and B’s A’s and B’s which one we got A’s and B’s you are going to clarify the vogue that I hook the mic up going ahead they bee bee bee bee we got these man and what we would possibly perchance also light be Vivian oh yeah a a B a a a BB C si si si si Senora como estas muy bien si Senor all very top possible it appears to be like to be to be like savor it appears to be like to be to be like it appears to be like to be to be like savor let me appropriate assign very top possible right here to the aspect flip the mic this kind all very top possible so as that Mike sounds a little bit a little bit higher this kind are we doing this Danny Danny Danny says be bbbbb ba-ba-ba-ba-ba hazard title hazard deemed it a dog dingo and in blue moon enhance so it’s B it’s B all very top possible we’re there guys thank you so very grand so this if truth be told sounds k it if truth be told does sound k this kind plenty of other folks didn’t savor it I shut the door on story of plenty of you didn’t savor searching at the hinges sure I had complaints on the hinges they want a inexperienced show veil within the support so I assume I gotta have a studio with a inexperienced show veil appropriate what I’ll send 5 hundred US bucks superjet whenever you gain Jessica the rabbit on a reside circulate one day neatly my friend that would possibly perchance also very neatly be organized nonetheless I’m letting you know that the 5 hundred bucks that you’re talking about has to expose up first on story of she’s now not gonna reach the entire diagram support to Camelot from her fatherland on a whim and a promise yeah oh so anyway there changed into as soon as a 50-50 will we settle on a reside circulate tonight fifty-fifty so we got one 50/50 and nonetheless I’m gonna lower it short there’s no motive to drag this out for a pair hours this Sunday there’s gonna be a reside circulate with me and Mike whenever you’re into the podcast kind thing we’re doubtlessly gonna reside an hour and a half of whenever you’re now not into it I’m appropriate supplying you with a heads up that that’s what we’re gonna reside this Sunday it will doubtless be a nine o’clock a.m. Bangkok time and that’s the vogue it is gonna support you guys thank you guys for showing up I’m gonna trot and hang some extra jerky I’ve got to total enhancing tomorrow’s video which I’m very satisfied with it’s about twenty minute video and I don’t even reside 20 minute videos so we’re gonna reside that and I’m gonna signal off right here as rapidly as they gain to a hundred thumbs up I don’t know if that’s a pleasant diagram of promoting how to gain a thumbs up is by sending them as soon as I gain a hundred that I’m signing off nonetheless as rapidly as I explore a hundred I’m gonna click in and I’m gonna take care of talking nonetheless I’m appropriate now not even going to divulge goodbye it’s appropriate gonna be that’s what came about I got to a hundred thumbs up and that changed into as soon because it and that that’s what’s gonna now not sleep

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  • April 30, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    You acknowledged you are going to't hobble from Kamala to Phuket, but Isn't Kamala in/on Phuket?

  • April 30, 2020 at 4:16 pm

    Microphone halfway between A and B, at A.5

  • April 30, 2020 at 5:09 pm

    A, but Not purposeful so B is supreme overall and restful completely audiable.

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    Procure that thing under your specialise in about checked out. I indubitably care.

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    Fancy the stay streams because they’re spicy as properly as informative.

  • May 1, 2020 at 7:52 am

    No, talked to a chum working at a restaurant in Bangkok, they’re going to be opened at Mai third but no longer allowed to attend alcohol ….So no beer or converse to the food.

  • May 4, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    What is the hot schuttle butt on opening global flights into Thailand?


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