BANGKOK VLOG | Mother-Daughter Skedaddle in Thailand! 馃嚬馃嚟

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#JOANDAY is wait on in Bangkok for KCON THAILAND!! And I mediate right here’s formally my closing (perchance lol) time out in 2019. So I distinct to gain my mother with me for a mother-daughter time out. 馃檪

A rapid recap in phrases, thanks to all individuals who came out to study my stage at #KCON. It be always a pleasure assembly you all. To the total winners, I am hoping you acquire pleasure from the merchandise:

Large shoutouts to KITA (https://www.kmall24.com/) for sponsoring the event. Listed below are the links to the merchandise:
– [LAPALETTE] NO.9 Water Pack Cleanse: https://bit.ly/2otmy24
– [INSUR] 10’10” Powder: https://bit.ly/2nNF70Q

After KCON, my mother and I explored #Bangkok collectively. Even supposing it used to be SO scorching, we positively had an incredible time. We won’t stay talking about how ethical the food is. Hehe hope you acquire pleasure from the vlog 鉂わ笍

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[Music] Radhika ethical morning from Bangkok and wait on for gain on Thailand and it’s for the time being 8 o’clock within the morning 826 to be accurate and I in fact take into accout to depart in about 30 minutes to head over to to a convention heart because my managers instructed me to meet up with them to stand up my badges nonetheless my panel isn’t until 3 o’clock so since I in fact take into accout loads of time in between I assumed I would correct crawl and come in wait on so that I could perchance maybe maybe perchance acquire some sightseeing performed in between I don’t know but I haven’t in fact made up our minds I’m correct going to attain my depraved make-up a bit rapid and head over my mother and I in fact arrived two days within the past and we got loads of sightseeing performed I didn’t vlog because I wished to acquire pleasure from the mummy-daughter scuttle and numerous the areas that we went to were repeats of where we went closing time and numerous you guys are very necessary on Instagram and Twitter on areas that I will take into accout to seek the suggestion of with so thanks so mighty for sending those over and then I’m going to be vlogging any longer to mattify I’m in fact going to spend the 10: 10 powder and right here’s assuredly a powder that can mattify in ten seconds so it’s very convenient I’m in fact going to provide most of those merchandise away today time thought that k thought that doing this I’m going to space it the spend of this powder right here’s an incredible technique to reapply sunscreen throughout the day controls the oils and it protects the skin from air pollution so been the spend of this product ever since I got it and it’s terribly convenient to gain around because it’s the packaging is so compact hi there that and there’s a mirror right here very tremendous I’m going to contour a bit bit the spend of my Innisfree my palette at Solar flush right here’s three seas and nude peach alright let’s crawl over to the impact enviornment to stand up our badges wait I nearly forgot regarding the lips I’ll spend fenty beauty’s gloss balm in Fenty glow and I like this thanks to how natural it appears to be like k now we’re ready k gonna attach my grab he in fact gave us the flower bracelet the day previous and she’s in fact making it at this time let me exclaim you I introduced my passport buying and selling it for a pass cake on Thailand day [Music] can we attain an intro like a wooded field we thought literally completely different and you’re leaving sure yeah so we’re gonna analysis at where the stages crawl hi there I’ve got my badge and now I’m looking out forward to my grab to return to the lodge acquire ready [Music] sucking my hair curler lip of the day a cushion the powder vlogging camera and phone and right here’s in fact a product we’re going to provide away at today time’s event so I’m additionally going to gain this correct to exclaim how I spend it [Music] right here’s my mother’s first time following me to cake on so she’s gonna thought me prime in front of all people on stage extra or much less anxious correct strolling around and analysis where you’re killing the homosexual lifestyles John make-up it’s all the pieces guys [Music] it used to be so mighty stress-free all right my mother and I are [Applause] we’re wait on in our lodge took off my belt and since we correct got our room cleaned I assumed I would exclaim you guys the room these are in fact right jasmine plant life that they made correct into a bracelet and they in point of fact gave this to us after we arrived right here’s where I did my make-up I like this desk space because I like how huge it’s and right here now we take into accout like the bar our suitcases the sofas and right here’s where we sleep twin beds right here’s the closet now we take into accout our clothes and right here’s the bathroom now we take into accout a in fact tremendous bathtub bathrobes now we take into accout the shower right here and the sink alright mother attain you are looking out for to crawl upstairs to study the stare 59th floor on our technique to the Moon bar elephantine desk stare is so tremendous nonetheless it in fact’s extra or much less frightening [Music] ethical morning all people today time I distinct to delivery my day by the pool wanted to acquire some tanning performed sooner than I depart we’re flying out tonight going wait on to Seoul and we in fact didn’t acquire loads of exploring performed the day previous because after kcon we were stuck in site site visitors for approximately an hour and by the time we arrived we were correct so exhausted so all we did used to be crawl to the 59th floor and acquire pleasure from the stare of Bangkok nonetheless today time we wakened in fact early it’s for the time being an nearly 9 o’clock within the morning and we correct wanted to gain it easy within the morning and after we test out we wanted to crawl acquire some Thai food so with any luck we could perchance maybe maybe hit a couple of of the spots that you just guys instructed so first let’s head of direction I introduced my tanning essentials right here’s the sizable community sunscreen oil 50 SPF I fully fancy these items after I spend it [Music] right here’s literally the right kind role to tan because they’re shaved so my face received’t acquire burned and they’ll correct be my physique [Music] my mother is just not chatting with me right here’s her zone sunny after an hour of tanning I don’t mediate I got that darkish successfully clearly on my face because I bewitch to gain my face within the shade mainly because I don’t are looking out for to produce my freckles darker and I attain take into accout melasma nonetheless I attain are looking out for to exclaim you guys how I’m going to scrub my face because I did attach sunscreen on and some completely different powder I’m gonna spend the number 9 lock nonetheless it in fact to water pack cleanse and I wished to exclaim you guys this because they’re the motive why I used to be in a position to come wait on to kake on Thailand and meet you guys so it’s additionally a in fact cool product they’ve a bunch of merchandise on their web situation at the side of kpop merchandise so as soon as you guys are as soon as you guys can positively test them out nonetheless assuredly what you attain right here’s what the product appears to be like as if and you assuredly discover it on like a wash off veil and ever since I got this after I used to be in Korea I like doing this within the shower right here’s a shut-up of what it appears to be like as if when the product foams up and then afterwards you mix it with water and it turns into this very mushy cleanser and up to now I’ve been loving it right here’s in lemon it comes in two kala and lemon and the lemon is tremendous for brightening and pimples scars so that’s why I’ve been the spend of the lemon I’ll positively give you guys an update on this when this becomes an empty because up to now I will positively thought myself the spend of this throughout the 365 days so preserve tuned and thanks so mighty to kita and Food regimen TV for bringing me to kcon it’s always the form of pleasure to meet subscribers from all throughout the field and I in fact fancy you guys thanks cup kook all right let’s crawl shower and then head out to acquire one thing yummy to eat [Music] all right let’s test on out we’re at terminal 21 where every floor is impressed by a metropolis London Tokyo Paris and for food San Francisco [Music] so we got the pad thai to portion for now and coconut water every mm-hmm she in fact wanted the coconut water wha [Music] our closing dish with out rice comes with pork my mother is so happy ethical yeah producer I’m eating the skin from the coconut all right we correct done eating Mama’s your accepted dish all right salute your husband I like the roam-fried noodles cat tie and the coconut water and the rooster dish used to be ethical all the pieces appears to be like ethical it’s correct now we take into accout completely different issues next up we’re going to this aspect road market right right here my mother loves aspect road looking out so we regarded up the closest one we’re assuredly going to I shop and she could perchance maybe maybe are looking out for to stand up some souvenirs and because it’s in fact scorching out we failed to fail to bear in mind our fan [Music] stumbled upon this memento shop I in fact take into accout I attain too elephant magnet [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] trigger that are attempting to stroll over to Paragon now’s a 15 minute stroll I in fact take into accout my aspect her hair we got the fan out we’re nearly at Paragons right there I will’t mediate it we did it in this heat guys we did it we walked the total technique over to Paragon one of many prettiest outlets I’ve been to in Bangkok and we’re waiting in line to tell some Miltie [Music] you [Music]

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