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Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand by remark | First class in a single day | ALL DETAILS

The day out from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand, will also be a diversified skills must you shuttle by remark. We selected the First Class luxury in a single day cabin (you undoubtedly select 2 separate tickets). Right here is principally the most total and detailed data with the full lot it is most practical to know upfront.

In this vlog, you can quiz the unusual remark in Thailand, the Special Order, extra unusual and handy. The departure is from Hua Lamphong remark situation at 6: 10 PM. Right here is the fastest sleeper remark, and the day out takes 13 hours. Learn to regain to Chiang Mai by remark! Or scuttle from Chiang Mai to Bangkok 😉

– See this collection in Thailand from the foundation 👇
Full Thailand shuttle data: https://www.youtube.com/glance?v=DiWGVAgS9E0&list=PLUt18OGs5Ho4DkBrCsx81qJQT8JA_8LO2&index=1
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In this vlog:
00: 00 – What to seem forward to
00: 32 – MRT to Hua Lamphong situation
01: 08 – Hua Lamphong situation
02: 27 – What’s in primarily the most critical class
04: 04 – Outing critical components
05: 55 – Food choices
07: 37 – Put together departs
07: 56 – Toilets
09: 00 – 2d class sleeper
09: 22 – Seats flip beds
10: 22 – Next day & breakfast
12: 19 – Arrival in Chiang Mai
13: 39 – Bloopers and extra data

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I’m a Brazilian journalist residing in the US. After traveling the arena working with sports, data, and events for over 15 years, I spotted that what I undoubtedly esteem is the shuttle section of it all. So I exchanged life in the newsrooms and stadiums for the day-to-day grief of being an fair order producer. I created this channel to portion the beauties of the arena… stuff that for see you later I fully saved to myself. Moreover to help of us planning an identical trips and to encourage extra of us to enterprise out and skills life!

P.S.: The silly guy who looks in the vlogs is my husband, Gordon. He is Canadian-American and he is principally camera-unnerved, that is why he is in the help of the camera extra recurrently than now no longer 😉

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Hi there from Hua Lamphong Railway Location
in Bangkok.
We’re catching an in a single day remark
from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.
Right here we are!
First class, toddler!
Which one enact you’d like, up or down?
-No, I desire up. [laughs]
Now, must that you may also very well be a colossal person,
that you may also very well be potentially wondering
how mountainous these beds are.
And let me demonstrate you,
on sage of every Gordon and I are colossal.
Filmed sooner than the pandemic
Wow, it be improbable how empty it is.
It would no longer even peep esteem Bangkok.
-No person lives here.
PA: Hua Lamphong Location
[in Thai and English]
Please mind the outlet
between the remark and the platform.
Thanks for choosing the MRT
Wow, peep at this case.
-Basis Stone Laying Ceremony
at the positioning shut to
Hua Lamphong Railway Location.
-Ah, yeah, the Basis stone
for this case here.
Oh, the unusual king here at that time.
We’re already at the placement.
In actual fact, you do no longer even streak exterior.
I correct came here
to illustrate you the facade.
Everything is interconnected.
We’re catching an in a single day remark
from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.
I am unable to bear in mind you wished to attain help
by Grab, toddler.
It is undoubtedly easy!
Hua Lamphong is Bangkok’s
important railway situation,
and it is undoubtedly easy to regain here
through MRT.
You correct take care of Exit 2.
Everything is interconnected.
You don’t even streak outdoors.
We bought our tickets online,
so we do no longer even absorb to transfer
to the tag sales notify.
-This may possibly well maybe be it correct here
-The remark?
We obtained here one hour
sooner than departure,
and our remark is already there.
-There’s two of them there.
-This one, yeah.
-Khob khun ka [thank you in Thai].
-Khob khun ka [thank you in Thai].
-Ooh, it be nice.
Oh, that is what we booked.
Right here we are!
First class, toddler!
Ah, peep at this.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We are able to save our bags
below the seats
and absorb even extra notify.
We absorb got already obtained blankets, sheets.
Ooh, it is peaceful warmth.
We correct obtained some soaps.
We even absorb our bear sink.
Very nice.
There are diversified sorts of trains
and cabins you are going to be ready to resolve.
We selected what we noticed extra of us
recommending online
which is the Special Order,
departing at 6: 10 PM
Right here’s a winner for 2 reasons:
it be the fastest in a single day remark,
and the remark is new.
Sight at this.
Gordon did a factual study
for trains, correct?
Appropriate job, toddler.
-That one.
-Mute, it be a 13-hour day out.
Upright now, it be arranged in seats here.
Right here is the 2nd bed
that can attain down.
These cushions will be old vogue
for the bed as well.
There’s one lunge here,
on the opposite hand it be undoubtedly your complete system up there.
Sight at how high it is.
When this bed comes down,
it will be more straightforward to remark
for whoever is up here
It is about 700 kilometers,
430 miles between
Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
It’s undoubtedly faster must you drive.
It may possibly well maybe be eight hours.
And, needless to direct, unparalleled faster must you hover,
correct an hour.
Put together for this,
it be precisely the identical price
must you shuttle here top quality
when compared with procuring a airplane tag.
So why on earth
would anybody regain this remark?
I may uncover you.
Correctly, it be a aggregate of the skills
and other savings you are going to be ready to absorb.
First class tag is costly,
however must you regain a 2nd class sleeper
with air-conditioning,
it be half the price.
It is undoubtedly greater
must that you may also very well be traveling on my own.
And it gets even more inexpensive if, as a substitute,
you scuttle with out air-conditioning
or third class,
however that I would now no longer suggest.
It is undoubtedly, undoubtedly sizzling in Thailand
your complete time, even at night.
But, needless to direct, must that you may also very well be backpacking
or on a price range,
you may possibly well maybe presumably fetch a third class tag
for ฿120.
It is esteem now no longer up to $4.
You correct can’t book
these online, though.
For us, we’re paying
the identical thing as flying,
however we’re saving the price
of a resort room,
as here is our room tonight.
This door here connects you
to the following cabin.
But as we’re now no longer traveling in team,
preserve it locked.
Now, what’s here?
Wow, very nice.
Two glasses here. High-quality.
Gordon is doing
some extra photos exterior.
So, here, you are going to be ready to resolve channels.
Oh, and here, it even indicates
if the toilets are busy or now no longer,
along with the shower.
What’s on Channel 1?
Oh, how chilly.
-Upright esteem a airplane
-Yeah, we are able to know where we are.
-Breakfast for later.
-No longer for now, for later.
-K. Khob khun ka [thank you in Thai].
Right here is the menu, on the opposite hand it be now no longer free.
You obtained to pay.
And it is most practical to resolve sooner than 9: 00 PM
That is after they shut.
Breakfast: ฿170 and ฿190.
Right here are extra choices.
Spaghetti, ฿120.
So, it be now no longer very costly,
Same price, or more inexpensive
than you would fetch at restaurants undoubtedly.
It is costly when compared with facet toll road food.
-No beer
-No, no beer.
In actual fact, alcohol is forbidden here.
You cannot even raise your bear.
-In actual fact?
-How would they even know?
-Correctly, here they’d now no longer,
however that is the laws.
Whenever you resolve your tickets
with an agency,
they are able to also fee a rate,
on the final spherical ฿200.
But we bought our tickets without extend
in the sterling website online online.
There used to be no rate.
We correct paid the abnormal price.
And it is undoubtedly easy,
the full lot is in English.
There could be a scheme of your complete remark.
You quiz exactly
where that you may also very well be going to seat.
To secure your cabin,
however enact that upfront,
on sage of they sell out.
We bought tickets as quickly
as we arrived here in Thailand.
And the full lot used to be sold out
for the following 45 days.
Fortunately, we’re spending
a range of time here,
so we would rearrange issues.
But must that you may also very well be now no longer staying all this time,
create plans as quickly as you are going to be ready to.
Pick as quickly as you are going to be ready to.
Khob khun ka
[thank you in Thai]
-And that includes all this?
-Yeah, coffee? Tea?
-And one smoothie.
-No beer?
-No alcohol, sir.
-No alcohol, sorry.
-That is k.
-Thanks, sir.
-Khob khun ka [thank you in Thai].
-You tried, huh?
-I tried.
Oh, it correct started.
Right here we scuttle.
All bathrooms are empty
excluding the shower.
It is being old vogue, so…
Oh, no, this one correct closed now.
Somebody correct finished showering.
So, let me strive to illustrate you
what is it esteem.
Right here are the bathrooms.
There are three bathrooms.
Right here is for men fully,
and there could be a shower here.
The bathroom is terribly small,
esteem an airplane bathroom,
on the opposite hand it is fully neat,
and smelling factual.
Right here it is, the shower.
There may be cleansing soap, shampoo.
Right here is the very final remark,
the very final one.
Most efficient this here is principally the most critical class.
That is why it sells out so mercurial.
We absorb got from 1 to 24,
two per cabin.
The following automobile is already 2nd class.
That is Gordon working.
Doing a range of work,
getting loads completed here?
So here is the 2nd class.
Their beds are all ready.
And so they absorb got these curtains
for privateness.
It is seemingly you’ll maybe well maybe also lock your cabin here.
And if any person knocks,
you are going to be ready to quiz who’s here.
These are towels,
sheets, and blankets
Right here are the pillows.
-Khob khun ka.
[thank you in Thai]
-Look you the following day.
-Look you!
Which one enact you’d like,
up or down?
-No, I desire up.
In actual fact, you admire,
there are diversified prices here.
Upper berth is extra costly.
I remark it be ฿1653 that we paid.
฿200 extra costly
than the decrease berth.
Now, must that you may also very well be a colossal person,
that you may also very well be potentially wondering
how mountainous these beds are.
And let me demonstrate you,
on sage of every Gordon and I are colossal.
From head to toes.
From one facet to the opposite here,
there may be also factual notify.
Appropriate night.
Khun Tan situation here
-Don’t initiate the day
with out coffee.
You ordered french fries
for breakfast, toddler?
Are you that hungry?
And here is me
with my strawberry smoothie.
Appropriate morning.
– It is a golf route…
[PA] Appropriate morning
ladies and gentlemen
Next situation, Lamphun
We’re nearly there.
We’re in Lamphun,
fully three extra stops except Chiang Mai.
How used to be life up there?
Because he took the greater bed.
♪ Candy dreams are made of this ♪
♪ Who am I to disagree? ♪
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It used to be honorable-making an strive tickled to sleep.
You sleep esteem in an airplane,
you admire, you regain up your complete time,
however I will be succesful of absorb some leisure.
A smoothie and
One sandwich and one smoothie?
-And one coffee.
-And one coffee.
-Khob khun ka [thank you in Thai].
Nothing on the remark is free,
now no longer even for top quality.
In actual fact, the win is free
Let me uncover you relating to the win here.
Web here, it be laborious to join.
It would no longer join your complete time.
I was ready to join once at night
sooner than going to bed.
It is now no longer very mercurial, on the opposite hand it does the job
for social media, let’s bid.
Moreover it is some distance extra or much less slack,
so that you cannot undoubtedly matter on it.
Khob khun ka, khob khun ka.
[thank you in Thai]
Hi there, Chiang Mai!
-It is a shining little situation, huh?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-A range of foreign backpackers.
-We’re here.
-We absorb got to regain here.
-K. And here is the Walled Metropolis?
-Let’s scuttle.
Sawasdee ka!
[hello in Thai]
Khob khun ka.
[thank you in Thai]
There may be Gordon already working.
It is now no longer even 8: 00
in the morning but,
needless to direct, it be too early
for verify-in.
But of us here at our resort,
they were undoubtedly nice.
They allowed us to effect
at the restaurant
having free coffee
and doing a piece work.
So, for the following video,
guess what you are going to be ready to search data from?
A tour of Chiang Mai!
-3 minutos
[3 minutes in Portuguese]
-Sight at you,
speaking extra than one languages
That is principally the most unfamiliar bathroom
I’ve ever been.
It is men and ladies folk together,
there are monks there.
Monks can’t absorb
shut contact with ladies folk,
however all americans looks
to regain along there interior.
That is a neat system of doing.
In actual fact, there may be one other lunge down here.
Certain, I fully realized shut to Chiang Mai…
I hope you really liked this remark journey.
In the occasion you can need any questions, let me know.
And quiz you in the following vlog.

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