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Bangkok Thailand – She stated: I similar to you… Very long time 1500 baht! – Vlog 367

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Bangkok Pattaya Thailand, this video facets boulevard scenes and droll reviews from these cities. Right here is a summary from old motion footage, so that you would possibly maybe maybe need viewed some episodes sooner than:
0: 00 Pattaya Thailand, a comic epic about a conversation of foreign retired man with Thai girl
1: 05 Bangkok Thailand, two Indian guys met a younger Thai girl
3: 15 A jokingly epic, younger African girl in Bangkok, she walks the boulevard with an extinct man
6: 20 Bangkok boulevard scenes, two foreign guys talks to Thai ladies people
8: 10 A retiree in Thailand, an extinct man enjoys his lifestyles in Pattaya. The never-ending ask: is Pattaya doubtlessly top-of-the-line vacation region for retirees?
9: 49 Mototaxi drivers and their passengers in Pattaya streets
13: 49 A comic epic, relating to the dialogue of foreign man with Thai girl. Tales about relationships of Thai ladies people and foreign retired guys who act delight in younger ones never acquire bored…
15: 33 Jokingly epic, a blended couple in Bangkok, they talk about what to subsequent, bound to a restaurant or a hotel
17: 59 Random footage from Bangkok streets
20: 39 Blended couples in Thailand
23: 12 Pattaya boulevard scenes within the sunlight hours
25: 05 Thai ladies people and motorbikes
26: 06 Blended couples in Thailand
28: 14 Outro, random footage from Thailand

Right here is vlog 367

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