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[4K] Pattaya Stroll, Soi 3, Sea journey Road, Soi 6, Soi Buakhao, Soi 13/2

Welcome to ” Pattaya Info ” channel. Daily 4K scenes from streets of Pattaya. If you like, please subscribe to my channel and press the Like. Latest videos from Soi 6, Walking Street, Soi Buakhaao, Beach Road, LK Metro, Soi Diana, Jomtien, Soi Made in Thailand, Soi New Plaza , Pattaya Nua, Pattaya Klang and…

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Thailand buys F-35: Is China in actuality offended about this?

Thailand buys F-35: Is China really angry about this? The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) wants to buy eight F-35 fighter jets in a bid to modernize its defense capabilities, according to reports. “We don’t need a full fleet of F-35 jets. We may only use eight to 12 and use drones to fly with…

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In this movie you get to see parts from SLIP ’N FLY and GRAND CANYON. On the island Koh Phangan you can find, beside the popular full moon party, the SLIP ’N FLY activity. It’s probably the best experience we remember from our trip to Thailand. And as we mentioned, Koh Pangan is also a…

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How To Make Cash In Thailand As An Expat 🇹🇭 | 5 Popular Methods To Make Cash In Thailand As An Expat

How do expats in Thailand make money? Learn How To Start An Online Business Here ➡️➡️: https://www.mikedavisonmarketing.com If you are thinking about moving to Thailand long term, then you’ll need to earn some sort of income while you are there. In this video, I share 5 popular ways for expats to make money in Thailand.…

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That is Pattaya Nightlife 2021, I will not remark this! Pattaya 2021/Strolling street+ Pattaya Sea slip

This is a closer look at Pattaya 2021 and I was wondering if things are the same as they are in Bangkok. I spent the Weekend in Pattaya, which is around 1 and half hours away from Bangkok. Pattaya is known for a lot of reasons and one of those reason is the nightlife. The…

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PATTAYA Nightlife, Bars, Ladies | Gargantuan ambiance [4K WALK]

Welcome to the Bangkok 4K Walker Subscribe https://bit.ly/3EnU3nB Travel and Nightlife videos from Thailand New videos every Day at 12.00 am Bangkok time [midday ] [05.00 am London] [12.00 pm New York] [13.00 pm Hongkong] [08.00 am Moscow] Extra videos may also be posted. Subscribers: if you have any ideas or particular requests for videos,…

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