Assembly Chris The Freelancer in Chiang Mai | Thailand

At final made it up to Chiang Mai Thailand! Had a pleasure meeting up with ChrisTheFreelancer! Who better to gain suggestion from than the final observe Digital Nomad out in Asia!

take a look at out Chris’ channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbxtV_oVIXBtLRmyPfcLKVg

Additionally no longer to level out the incredible food and sights of Northern Thailand. I could well also fully reside up right here!

Mountainous shout out to the barbers at The Cutler for fading me up! (IG:thecutlerbarberandtattoo)

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no subject that system she’s been pissed at me all day she’s a crazy that lady she got this this necklace are trying to jab it in my look correct arrived in Chiang Mai we’re playful the next day account for a shrimp bit bit madden correct now on sage of the areas our flight used to be aesthetic unhealthy alright so we’re on the amore Resort Resort aesthetic first rate aesthetic long-established setup it’s got an amazing take a look at of that temple that I’m able to’t declare painting about 1900 sold four evening so let’s lag gape commence air let’s take a look at out Chiang Mai so the set that we’re in is in this big big sq. canal that I’m going to sign you guys on the draw correct right here nonetheless this canal runs like a huge sq. across the entire metropolis nonetheless there are actually temples like every few blocks alright so China could well also positively luxuriate in some more of an urban feel to it I contemplate on sage of I’ve been on so many islands for the past three weeks and I correct inquire to be my water nonetheless I put out of your mind that I’m without a doubt without a doubt without a doubt some distance north from Thailand nonetheless it absolutely feels like a aesthetic honest subject I could well also gape why of us would are searching to reside right here on sage of it’s it’s got a shrimp bit little bit of a urban feel to it nonetheless operate of got the entire thing you want mm Chiang Mai gotta like this purple truck right here feel a shrimp bit bit more stable oh they said that the og took took there too nonetheless we could well also rent a bike bike household who could well also end it right here’s like authentic authentic Chiang Mai northern Thai food for this ixt with Dom hmm that’s enormous racy pork sausage being pump works can when the chili spark has like these digit now this nonetheless loads replacement micro organism yeah they gain of us sick these pigeons like within the event that they seriously dgaf dude like you would also stroll literally like gape I’ll stroll correct a tornado cruise away dude and though and they’ll stand on they’ll stand on you want this lady dude she’s positively gonna gain sick she’s gonna gain some operate of bird flu I wouldn’t let a pigeon sit on my arm dude they’re at some temple I don’t are searching to talk too loud crazy oh this space you excuse my language for some monks over there doing what monks to be self-acutely mindful of it nonetheless this temple looks freaking awesome constituted of silver I’ve by no system viewed something else like this Oh incredible females are no longer allowed coming into our nation Corridor Zuri you cannot lag in toddler why can I’m going inside yeah in step with Lana deem ladies are no longer allowed to enter the boo boo couch we’re gonna lag inside holy right here’s some Indiana Jones correct right here this narrate looks crazy it’s all silver this makes me without a doubt are searching to pee correct now so I’m gonna speak to this level Chiangmai aesthetic cool space man I would fully gape myself residing right here in account for for you to gain away from like a crazy crazy nightlife of Bangkok and likewise you’re attempting to search out more of like a suburbia feel nonetheless it absolutely’s smooth a metropolis and it’s smooth busy and there’s smooth replacement vacationers there’s a ton of stuff to glimpse so I wouldn’t positively name it a sub R I would correct name it a smaller Bangkok nonetheless yeah it’s aesthetic cool right here man so that Motorway encourage there is alleged to be the Strolling Motorway nonetheless this day for some cause they’re no longer having their evening market stuff so we could well also lag to the Night Bazaar after what in cat what Kisa end muraki’s had a shrimp bit money oh there’s more Chinese vacationers in every single space in every single space dive I do know you Lila no subject that system she’s been pissed at me all day for some cause I don’t sign she’s a crazy lady gargantuan she got this this necklace are trying to jab it in my look and she or he build it up to my throat already I’m aesthetic sure she’s gonna build a knife to my dick she’s gonna are trying to within the cut value of it off doubtlessly yeah I would speak they’re a shrimp bit crazier than okay-metropolis Korean ladies no longer as crazy nonetheless nearly correct so we’re going via some restaurant at her predecessor president model we every and myself Oh condole nonetheless this day seemingly they’re coming can butt most titillating so we’re on the evening bazaar in Chiang Mai oh I made a huge mistake in coming right here is she gonna end shaboom there’s some top time ladyboys correct right here okay thank you oh my god so this market literally you will be succesful to acquire the entire thing that you’re attempting to search out luggage footwear shirts mangoes watermelons ladyboys something else you want you will be succesful to acquire right here the ladies are shopping we’re correct shopping and shopping and shopping alright guys we’re gonna gain a shrimp bit little bit of McDonald’s I haven’t had it in a this kind of very very long time and after that we’re going to dart on over to punch set meet up with Chris the freelancer correct dangle round with it for a shrimp bit bit and end some more so literally having my first McDonald’s nonetheless one narrate that Thailand has that The usa doesn’t she got double corpulent my fish The usa you please please Oh we’re free jump most attention-grabbing my frozen reminiscence we correct arrived on the one set right here right here’s first time right here Chris hey doing okay honest honest I doing it um how will we take a look at in first I’m right here hey what the ladies out at lunch so nonetheless I’m right here with Krista to answer to what my favourite youtubers Italian what we’re gonna end is we’re gonna take hang of a immediate chunk to expend with Chris sit back with some varied digital nomads gain some suggestions on them gape how their existence is replacement stuff’s going to alternate in Thailand so it’s gonna be a shrimp bit bit more durable for expats and digital nomads to be more durable for digital nomads to be in this nation so we’re gonna gape positively how all people’s gonna figure out I noticed Chris’s final vlog and he’s without a doubt leaving Chiang Mai any individual asked him a couple of questions about the place he’s gonna lag subsequent to me that’s the same narrate Valeo Chiang Mai nonetheless Valley I feel prefer it’s better for of us that’re pretty more baller cuz prefer it’s more dear more parties more a seaside more like yeah it’s barley whereas I Chiang Mai’s like there’s no longer well-known to end from my work and reside operate of narrate that’s why the outdated day used to be so honest to steer clear of on the weekend so then we hired a bike and rode into the yeah and I learned I contemplate at that 2d I learned oh that’s what you’re alleged to end one weekend yeah it’s like lag out of Chiang Mai yeah shining field yeah cuz I conception it used to be correct we would you speak let’s lag to PI for the week I don’t know if I’m able to work and yeah are you guys so correct operate some work on the punch set now I’m right here I need a stunning proceed so we’re right here on the color barbara-ann tattoo shop noticed some aesthetic honest studies on them on-line I need a haircut unhealthy so let’s gape how these guys end my first affect to this level are the inside is admittedly cool it’s got like a exact weak-long-established operate of Western theme to it and the barbers they survey like they know what they’re doing my hair is a mess correct now so hopefully they’ll end a honest job on it correct a long-established proceed shrimp bit off the head Racing all these damaged dreams nights correct got a stunning proceed right here at cutlery I positively imply checking it out your title athlete wait yeah near gain a paid worker it is extraordinarily honest job I’m gonna build the Instagram down beneath within the description

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