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LIVE FISH FOUND Interior ABANDONED SHOPPING MALL!! – Weird and wonderful Tour

◉ The New World Mall in Bangkok used to be closed in 1997, and a hearth in 1999 left it with out a roof. Right thru the wet season, the mall quickly flooded with water, which created a ideal atmosphere for a mosquito outbreak within the placement. To assign away with them, the locals came up with a correct belief – to breed freshwater Catfish and Koi fish within the mall’s water so that they would eat the bugs. This resulted in in actual fact one of many largest natural aquariums within the sphere. Shops across the mall would even sell fish meals to tourists.

*UPDATE* No longer too long within the past the locals were ordered to eradicate away the entire fish which implies that of fears that tourists flocking to stare the spectacle would outcome in injury.

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