A Walking Handbook to Walking Avenue AGoGo and Beer Bars Pattaya, Fragment 1 Phase 1

One plot or the other a historically lawful, brilliant strolling tour of Pattaya’s Walking Avenue, with stops at GoGos Alcatraz, Fahrenheit, Mandarin, Pink Vehicle, AngelWitch and Tiger Shark. Join your Pattaya Channel TV host RedMan and his visitor Markus (aka GerMan) as they enter the fray.



Swati KUB I am purple man and I am here with a German and we’re at the harmful the enviornment-notorious strolling Avenue at the moment time we’re gonna absorb a strolling tour of Walking Avenue we’re gonna behold the whole lot they’ve had sooner than now the whole lot in between it’s gonna be a enormous time how are you at the moment time Marcus I’m stunning thank you upright yeah you’re taking a look moderately factual you possess been in a purple shirt I impart that matches my face that’s what my extinct buddy would state so issues are gonna be factual we’re gonna behold the whole lot we’re gonna take you and deliver you somewhat of bit in regards to the bars which possess been here for a while the bars that folks heaps of folks commute midway the enviornment over proper to behold these locations so what are we going first first we’re gonna start at the closest jam that we can acquire I don’t know the attach that is yeah because we’re gonna roughly play it by ear so we’re gonna droop down as who we behold no doubt first ingredient we’re gonna behold the tourists please so we’ll deliver you those guys so that you just be conscious primarily the most important time you attain here whoo that’s a animated attach a query to primarily the most important time I came to Walking Avenue factual tonight I will’t be conscious yeah listen perchance a night time I wish I is presumably conscious let’s budge study it out all upright attain on all upright smartly proper so that you just guys know originally of Walking Avenue there is a truly important carrier here it’s a long way the tourist police I’m with the person at the moment time his name is Enzo the technique you doing tonight all upright all upright composed fine up to now yeah yeah so we’re here every night time from 9: 00 p.m. to about a: 00 a.m. so while you happen to’d fancy every any situation while you happen to possess gotten any attach a query to it’s likely you’ll perhaps be in a jam to attain and request we’re here every night time and is there a formulation that I will discover entangled with you instant emergency smartly it’s likely you’ll perhaps be in a jam to call one one 5 5 if there is a situation during the day but at night time it’s greater to attain befriend at once and request yeah very sure at the desk all upright so that you just heard it first the kindly ingredient to absorb you guys possess a situation proper attain portion over here they’ve heaps of folks to make it more straightforward to out and so we’ll make it more straightforward to out he’s a huge guy yeah we’re from France from Italy from Russia from many heaps of nations so and even while you happen to don’t talk English while you happen to proper talk Italian we enable you to while you happen to talk on the distinctive we have not any situation factual data a multilingual crowd must be in patio upright all upright man this guy no doubt it’s likely you’ll perhaps additionally just need a extra attention-grabbing job than I absorb all upright thanks a lot I don’t neglect it upright in the front of strolling shoot the tourist police Marcos possess you ever had hope from these guys sooner than yeah what’s funding a loan from any individual and didn’t know the attach I will bring it and then over and I possess it’s if the oldsters comprehend it to absorb one thing they’ll attain here if some any individual bring it befriend the enormous ultimate all upright defend get all people why all upright so here we’re at a strolling shoe strolling shoe bob is believed to be one of primarily the most important bars you’re gonna behold upright on your left while you happen to attain in from Walking Avenue you ever been here sooner than yeah no doubt as mighty my first purchase when I attain to papaya it change into very fine fine dwelling can hit my affiliate internal and possess drinks what’s roughly frigid about this jam is it’s a bar it’s jam up fancy a bar but it has fancy Membership lights and loud club song so that’s fancy roughly a double vibe it’s likely you’ll perhaps be in a jam to discover there it’s likely you’ll perhaps be in a jam to sit down down at the bar but you’re at a club it’s it’s roughly a double operate but um the same owners as Gophers possess you been to gulliver’s yeah assuredly yeah budge over it’s a long way a moderately frigid jam the attach they’ve factual meals but now while you happen to ever meet a girl and she tells you to fulfill her at purple automobile she’s speaking about this jam because it’s likely you’ll perhaps be in a jam to behold they’ve an substantial purple automobile on the facet of the wall so that’s what she ability your whole Tigers I know they call a purple automobile smartly that’s somewhat of little bit of data for you guys so that you just don’t budge over your date you indisputably now now not are desirous to miss your date upright our neighbors we’re now now not gonna head here we’re gonna budge deliver you guys idea to be one of many oldest first gogo bars I’m strolling deliver you follow us let’s budge over here you now we’re gonna discover all the manner down to the sick of it okay this would possibly you discover it to Walker Avenue there’s fancy I mean some folks state there’s about 70 gogo bars here that I mean you and me we would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably lose count after primarily the most important 12 upright but anyway primarily the most important one while you happen to attain in is Silver Massive name so one thing fancy 20 years extinct it’s extinct college it’s presumably idea to be one of primarily the most important locations it’s likely you’ll perhaps attain here while you happen to attain to Thailand because I’m sure you’re proper so wrathful to discover into it and I’m wrathful about this locations when while you happen to attain here and if it smells fancy fish it proper is presumably the fish now anyways the 2nd point the 2nd ingredient that it’s likely you’ll perhaps additionally cease up announcing is if this bar Carson over there it’s a long way a new college jam this jam is 20 years extinct we proper talked about but it’s a long way a fully new jam while you happen to’ve been in here sooner than that’s no no no I’ve indisputably now now not been in here both I’m now now not too new college I proper follow the extinct college jam perchance tonight we’re going to have the capacity to take you in there but you’re gonna must budge wanting at that on-line so don’t neglect to head to sample or peaceful and study all that out yeah yeah anyway let’s indulge in strolling down we’re unexcited at the very front of August a lot extra to behold defend tuned all upright so we possess now got reached one other situation it’s a long way a an urban bar but it’s going to be an high-quality bar while you happen to guys possess ever been to Nana Plaza this is believed to be one of many hot spots they had a pitcher ground it’s likely you’ll perhaps be in a jam to behold down it change into high-quality to roughly constructed up the final boulevard it’s now now not start yet but by the time you behold this it proper is presumably so that it’s likely you’ll perhaps additionally just unexcited study it out man attain on I’ll deliver you one thing oh yeah no I don’t it’s mark new it’s a lighthouse lighthouse it’s there there’s they’re having some about Google Buzz for some blue tiger shark Fahrenheit and all people change into very a hit so now they disclose us a ball so they’re roughly sizable guys so we can ask sizable issues upright I possess in the monetary institution of the F as smartly they’ve a tiger so what you’re thinking that in regards to the internal while you happen to’ve been internal yet wow it’s extraordinary they’ve very fine girls a lot roughly girls it’s likely you’ll perhaps additionally are desirous to take home to mama perchance alright so I don’t know you guys gonna must study out the internal for your self sorry we can’t take you in but that’s proper the plot it goes no we’re now now not entering into so uh reduce

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