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$7 THAI Meals Paradise in Surat Thani / No Success in Ranong / Thailand Bike Tour

In on the current time’s video we’re going to face difficulties of touring throughout basically the most up-to-date teach, nonetheless on the opposite hand we are able to continue exploring Southern Thailand – Thai food ingesting locations, fabulous caves and temples, enticing limestone mountains, aloof seashores and thrilling motorcycle rides Ranong and Surat Thani provinces in wet season.
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On the current time’s Function:
Homestay กันเองโฮมสเตย์ https://goo.gl/maps/dzKKQ4MTNAyjxSqf9
No.89 Boutique Hotel https://g.online page/No89hotel?share
Thai food restaurant ขนมจีนจี้เมย์ทะเลจ๊าก https://goo.gl/maps/7KKL2jD5g1U6jJps8
Espresso store https://goo.gl/maps/6ByUwf77oF7YZWLF6
Wat Tham Yai https://goo.gl/maps/Z5EWNVW8sgxZym4Y9
Seaside https://goo.gl/maps/Ci7yxuQKhdgLth9w9
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Hello hiya hiya!
Welcome serve to our hungry adventures!
Hungry adventures in Thailand..
and on the current time, guys, we open on a graceful mountainous side toll road ensuing in Ranong province..
which i name “the land of rain”..
because it is raining 5 days of 7..
whereas 2 other days it is raining even worse..
anyway.. Ranong is the doorway to Phang Nga and Krabi provinces..
which might be very widespread with world vacationers..
on the opposite hand, i imagine we are able to acquire something attention-grabbing even in Ranong..
so in the occasion it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also fair possess purchased some time and empty intention in your abdomen..
and it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also very neatly be ready to ruin your priceless time alongside with me..
whereas I’m utilizing around..
then join me in this hungry trip!
let’s hump!
and possibly it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also thought that it is quite darkish appropriate now..
because we open our trip in the night..
I’ve purchased 2 causes for that..
the first one – it is no longer that hot..
so it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also very neatly be the truth is taking part in the poke – it is so cheerful here.. so cool..
and the second reason..
this side toll road is heading to the west..
so we are having of enterprise to fulfill the truth is fabulous sunset..
nonetheless it no doubt’s no longer guaranteed.. because we are in Ranong..
am i able to power here?
he goes to Ranong..
he goes to Ranong..
what the trip!
now we possess fair began..
we can’t poke this side toll road..
nonetheless it no doubt’s a straight technique to Ranong..
we can’t poke it and i rating handiest folks that live in that intention can enter internal..
and as well they requested me to assemble a tall turn..
return to the 7-Eleven..
which is in 15 kilometers away..
and poke a in point of fact perfect distance..
neatly.. what can you enact..
this heavenly mountainous side toll road is closed appropriate now due to the the teach..
and handiest folks that live in this intention can enter..
also those guys informed me that i will turn serve and exhaust one other side toll road to assemble to Ranong..
nonetheless it no doubt’s a protracted intention..
that’s why i’ve attain to the same homestay for one other night..
and now i’m ready..
i’m stout of energy to continue our trip..
let’s hump!
oh yeah.. we are coming serve again..
because we can’t enter Ranong the usage of this side toll road too..
there might be some gather of lockdown..
they said i have to possess stayed 14 days in Chumphon if i possess to enter Ranong (or identical time on arrival – i did now not gather it)
so i possess to trade plans once extra..
and now we are heading to the major side toll road ensuing in Surat Thani..
and we’re going to Surat Thani as a substitute..
bye bye Ranong.. no longer this time..
Guys, what enact you demand to acquire for 590 baht ($18) on toll road from Chumphon to Surat Thani province?
frequently no longer that mighty..
on the opposite hand every rule has it is gather exceptions..
and this intention is one amongst them..
verify it out!
and here for this money it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also gather a tall, soft and tidy bed..
where it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also fulfill of your erotic fantasies..
backyard take into narrative, air-conditioning..
a fridge, a kettle, television, working desk..
and even dresser..
and what’s here? what’s here?
it is shower and lavatory lavatory..
and a in point of fact tall replicate where it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also appreciate seeing your abdomen after ingesting side toll road food!
they’ve opened this intention in December, so it is the truth is new and spotlessly tidy!
and here i’m going to be spending one night..
and i possess to regulate my conception for this video since we can’t gather to Ranong..
so i’m going to peep you the next day in the morning nonetheless to derive to promise me something..
to derive to withhold staring at this video because trip is coming!
woo hoo! hehehe!
yeah.. trip is coming.. it is coming..
ho ho ho ho ho!
yeah.. that is the breakfast.. that is the lunch..
one amongst basically the most fabulous issues of touring to the south is, undoubtedly, experiencing Southern Thai food..
and this dish is one amongst them..
it is rice noodles “kanom jeen”
and this honest..
honest of seafood..
here we have purchased mussels, here we have purchased shrimps.. squids and crabs..
and this seafood honest alongside with all vegetables label handiest 199 Baht ($6.1)..
200 baht.. it is lower than 7 USD!
I chanced on this intention on the side toll road..
so here we are – taking part in it!
carrying white T-shirt if it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also very neatly be ingesting Thai food is no longer the handiest alternative..
nonetheless to derive to enact it, because it is so hot, man.. it is so hot!
and so tasty..
this salad is one amongst my favorites..
doubtlessly the favourite salad for this dish..
favorite vegetables..
it is cucumber with carrot..
chili and vinegar..
the truth is love it.. bigger than the leisure..
the honest charges 199 Baht, nonetheless i always expend vegetables for 200 Baht extra..
possibly these are the handiest “kanom jeen” noodles i tried in my existence..
or possibly i’m fair hungry..
i purchased to raise a take into narrative at this seafood.. the truth is i purchased to raise a take into narrative at it..
ummm.. new!
surprisingly new!
nonetheless yeah..
if we are able to power to the beach we are able to peep so many fishing boats, so many fishing nets and fishermen..
so no.. no surprises..
so valid!
here is possibly basically the most legendary Southern Thai dish I’ve ever tried..
i’m always struggling whereas opening shrimps..
stare at it.. it is immense.. it is the truth is immense..
and it is so new..
all appropriate..
looks this scene is gonna be the truth is soiled..
so let’s lower to the motorcycle poke.. okay?
a cup of black espresso for 45 baht ($1.4)..
which is quite exact as you demand it to be..
excited children..
cute playground, glorious song..
everything is found in the center of nowhere..
surrounded by gorgeous mountains..
and a temple with cave is the subsequent location..
God.. too mighty light.. i fair can’t inaugurate my eyes..
let’s hump!
these dogs don’t stare apt at all..
yeah, we are in a temple..
are these dogs unhealthy?
the truth is? i’m already petrified..
so quite rather a lot of them..
friend.. friend.. friend!
can also fair i demand where is the cave?
over there?
am i able to consult with it?
yes plug.. it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also additionally park there..
okay, okay..
wide cave, appropriate?
okay, thank you very mighty..
okay.. making chums with dogs..
what’s it you’re doing?
I’m filming a video about touring to Surat Thani for promotion..
i’m a friend!
don’t anguish about them..
yeah, we are in a temple – undoubtedly we are surrounded by dogs..
this temple is named Wat Tham Yai..
“Tham” manner a cave, “yai” manner wide..
a temple of a wide cave..
and it sounds fancy a melody to my ears..
because how mighty i love visiting caves..
and the intention in which mighty i alarmed of dogs..
okay.. making chums..
neatly, let’s peep how wide this cave is..
undoubtedly if we are able to assemble permission from dogs..
because they are the major administration here..
i’ve anticipated to stare many monkeys here because we are attain mountains..
nonetheless no.. monkeys can’t capture this battle..
how many?
around 10..
okay, let’s hump to the cave..
it is fair sizable..
the truth is immense cave..
and unfortunately it is very unlikely to activate the lights..
so it is fully darkish even whereas the usage of your gather flashlight..
nonetheless it no doubt’s so aloof and aloof here..
you handiest can hear the echo of your gather direct..
can you peep it?
nonetheless it no doubt’s no longer burning plastic manufacturing facility in Bangkok..
it is rain.. wet season.. so we have purchased rain.. again
time to take into narrative a conceal.. time to take into narrative a shelter..
to supply protection to my electronic devices..
possibly i will possess to aloof fair place in one amongst these fishermen boats..
with ghosts of historical fishermen..
ohh.. trudge up Mickey..
it is coming very like a flash..
yeah, i will feel it..
time to conceal my ass..
worse and worse.. extra and extra!
okay, now i’m ready..
verify it out..
fully water-resistant!
what a gratifying intention..
can also fair i serve you, sir?
i do now not know..
what food enact you cook?
i enact salad..
what extra or much less salad?
with deep fried meatballs..
and noodles..
salad with noodles?
wonsen noodles? or instantaneous noodles?
ah instantaneous noodles, i peep..
am i able to expose fair meatballs?
yes, plug..
i don’t the truth is wanna expend salad..
nonetheless meatballs would possibly be valid..
plug, can enact..
enact it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also fair possess rooster?
i possess..
how mighty for 1 skewer?
10 baht..
which would possibly be rooster?
here is rooster..
i desire 3 of these..
these, appropriate?
and what’s that this?
it is fish
ah fish.. i’m going to raise 2 of them..
okay, that’s it..
it is no longer suited..
it is shaky as hell, man..
my 90 kg of weight..
anyway.. i purchased to withhold taking part in..
oh feel so excited..
the truth is place no longer feel suited here..
mighty scarier than any cave around Thailand..
i purchased to withhold taking part in these meatballs whereas it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly also hit the fancy button and share this video alongside with your friends..
subscribe to this channel in the occasion you are now not already..
and i’m going to peep you in the subsequent video..
i am hoping i will peep you in the subsequent video quite soon..
in other locations..
bye bye!
30 minutes later..

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