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[4K] Stroll on a Pattaya seaside | Jomtien seaside walking | Ocean Waves Relax | Thailand Pattaya Seaside

We’re in Pattaya and we went to Jomtien seaside by songthaew. There would possibly be several seaside in Pattaya and Jomtien seaside is one of the smartly-known seaside in Pattaya.
We wished to part with you this stroll on the seaside with ocean waves sounds in Asia, Thailand Jomtien seaside.
Relax with our stroll on one of basically the most smartly-known seaside in Pattaya and listen to to the ocean waves leisure sounds.

Hope you may seemingly love this video 🙂

Questioning how is the existence on one of basically the most smartly-known seaside of Pattaya in Thailand? This video is largely for you !

We’re Dan and Lyn, a pair who love discovering unique locations of the enviornment. We elevate to consume our time and to be immerged in the native atmosphere. That’s why on every occasion capacity, we elevate to scuttle and elevate the native existence. We’re so grateful to be wholesome, so to derive and we hope we can part with you a lot locations of our world.
Right here is a brand unique bolt vblog journey (a prime person derive out about) by sharing the accurate time atmosphere and designate you the explicit scenario.

On this video we are able to point of curiosity on the existence of one of basically the most smartly-known seaside in pattaya, the Jomtien seaside. We are able to point of curiosity on the existence on this seaside and the waves sounds, ocean sounds, relaxing sounds.
Some people elevate to use this build of video to take a seat down support, to finish morning ocean meditation, to meditate with nature sounds or hear to the water sounds additionally.
Some people will use this sounds for look for or these sounds for napping.
Factual relax and journey 🙂

No longer each person dwell come the seaside. Right here is a risk for us to part with you a 2nd we cherish and journey the relaxing seaside sounds.

We in actuality hope you may seemingly journey this stroll video on the seaside with ocean waves.

We finish our highest to designate you the authenticity of every locations in the end of our bolt journey.

Wanna stroll extra with us and listen to the character sounds ? Please commentary below to enable us to perceive.

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Right here is the pause of the outline of this stroll on the Jomtien seaside, ocean waves leisure. Thailand Pattaya seaside 2020. 4K walking tour 2020

Thank you so worthy for looking at !

And survey you in the next video 🙂

Traveler Wit

This video is in 4K 60fps resolution.

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3 thoughts on “[4K] Stroll on a Pattaya seaside | Jomtien seaside walking | Ocean Waves Relax | Thailand Pattaya Seaside

  • August 20, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    Your videos fabricate me feel that there’s obliging neighborhood of walkers and riders on YouTube and I received't have to feel lonely after I’m in your channel. Thanks. : )

  • August 20, 2020 at 11:02 pm

    Huge video, very sure, nearly 3Dimensional, even the tense backlight narrate used to be mastered thoroughly. Handiest the sound would possibly perhaps well very neatly be improved by the divulge of a windshield. 👍

  • June 18, 2021 at 10:07 am

    Pas la plus belle plage de Thailande, mais entendre le son des vagues est juste apaisant


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