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$3 Thai Highway Food Lunch in Phang Nga / Abandoned Takua Pa / Thailand Bike Tour

In on the present time’s video we are going to explore the outdated metropolis of Takua Pa district in Phang Nga province, spend authentic local Thai food, explore fabulous nature and correct trudge a motorbike via the scenic locations round Southern Thailand.
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howdy howdy howdy!
welcome succor to our hungry adventures!
Hungry adventures in Thailand!
and on the present time, guys, I’m appealing you to explore outdated metropolis of Takua Pa positioned in Phang Nga province..
which within the previous used to be a affluent mining center..
as it became as soon as rich with tin ore..
it is a location where we can no longer greatest witness a resounding Chinese language and Portuguese influence..
however additionally sort authentic delectable local road food..
alongside with many varied interesting things..
and one thing tells me for the time being is gonna be noble..
so will non-public to to receive a whereas and empty dwelling to your abdominal..
and also you are ready to waste your precious time alongside with me..
whereas I’m getting rotund and using round..
then be half of me on this hungry poke..
let’s stride!
whoa.. so candy..
without sugar, however so candy!
yeah some water for some reason..
smartly, I’ve by no formulation seen a dish adore this..
this one is named Mee Leuang Pad, which formulation “fried yellow noodles”..
on the least i fetch so.. i will also be monstrous..
so here we can witness some spaghetti, no longer correct standard noodles..
pieces of pork..
relaxed pork..
and some meatballs which peep adore potato, however these are meatballs..
fish meatballs?
all collectively..
and some vegetables, possibly kale..
all beautiful..
let’s strive!
wow.. actually correct!
such rich flavor..
i know i’m hungry and here’s the first meal of the day..
alternatively it is positively fabulous..
i non-public never seen one thing adore this in Bangkok to illustrate or wherever else..
oh yeah.. oh yeah!
Takua Pa outdated metropolis used to be a trading center for Portuguese, Chinese language and Thai other folks..  
which is why even on the present time we can witness many structures made in Portuguese and Chinese language vogue, in location of classic Thai architecture..
and there are many Chinese language shrines and temples here..
it is correct equivalent to you are strolling via an tall metropolis museum..
actually historical center..
what’s here?
what is that this location?
you witness, correct some more or much less backyard..
abandoned backyard..
or anyone’s dwelling..
Kopi Kuapa..
yeah it used to be some more or much less store within the previous..  
alternatively it is closed and looks rather abandoned beautiful now..
however i would positively would adore to hang out here.. you witness they even got some tables..
yeah beautiful now Takua Pa outdated metropolis looks adore an abandoned location attributable to the unusual grief..
it used to be standard with tourists.. 
with world tourists.. however now..  
majority of retail outlets are closed..
there could be rarely any reason to originate anything if there don’t appear to be any customers..
k, confidently all this nightmare will in all probability be over quickly..
brutal heat.. brutal heat..
you know me very smartly, guys..
one meal is by no formulation ample for me..
so now I’m heading to one other location which is additionally rather standard with its Pad Thai..
confidently the restaurant is originate..
let’s hope collectively!
guys, and somewhere here tedious me used to be a scrape of Takua Pa governor a actually long time ago..  
however now as you witness – nothing critical left..
correct a wall which is believed became as soon as built to provide protection to the scrape from differing teams of workers of the mine..
as that they had some conflicts with them..
yeah it is more or much less historical scrape however nothing critical to inspect..
and in line with the chronicle this wall became as soon as built without bricks in any admire..
greatest using sand and cement..
magnificent sturdy..
I’m correct swimming in my sweat..  
and here is the one thing that we positively can call a venerable dwelling..  
possibly even venerable dwelling..
dwelling on stilts..
how enact you grunt how outdated is that this constructing?
i actually opt on a location with shadow or an air-conditioning room..  
i fetch i’m gonna fall on the road beautiful now..
i grunt here’s the placement where i became as soon as going to..
location where we can sort some delectable Pad Thai and even one thing else..
let’s receive out!
i fetch my temperature is 40..
No, it is 36.3
Is this a locations with the most delectable Pad Thai?
I’ve seen many of us grunt on Google that Pad Thai is amazingly yummy here.. am i beautiful?
is it here?
sure, sir..
k, I’d adore to study up on your pad Thai..
k, obvious..
i additionally non-public pork satay..
pork satay?
can you spend?
is it immense?
no, it is miles rarely immense..
attributable to I’ve already eaten noodles..
am i able to recount 5 skewers, please?
sure, obvious..
you witness guys how obliging-searching this constructing looks inside..  
useless to direct it is miles rarely so venerable because the previous one..
however they made it in a extraordinarily correct vogue..
seize a stare upon this Pad Thai!
served in a banana flower on a banana leaf with half of banana flower..
that’s my medication..
attributable to after strolling via the metropolis on this weather…
i got to be ethical i construct no longer feel very smartly..
it wasn’t the top belief to high-tail via the metropolis with a digicam..
it is too hot!
you witness even Pad Thai has Chinese language influence.. it is purple!
alternatively it is so correct..
it is positively Thai!
and exciting!
oh yeah.. obliging-searching..
i’m positively i’m gonna feel loads better after finishing this meal..
very rich flavor.. very exciting..
it is so correct..
this the placement is named “Satay Takua Pa”..
which is why we correct must set that satay..
it is pork, alternatively it is relaxed adore quite one ass..
i informed you guys there are such a broad amount of locations to study up on authentic Thai food here..
authentic road food..
and here’s one in every of them..
even this topping for satay..
guys, i got an belief..
possibly you non-public seen that i for all time wear this hat staunch via this time out..
and there could be a reason..
i poke on a motorbike in rainy season and that i for all time wear helmet..
and can non-public to you wear a helmet in these weather prerequisites..
when the sun is loopy as hell.. when humidity is loopy as nothing else..
your hair for all time looks adore mess..
which is why i believed possibly we are going to visit the local barber store..
to inspect how correct it is and correct to study up on to construct myself feel quite better..
correct runt bit..
let’s stride!
it is closed..
ah yeah..
on the present time is rarely any longer my luckiest day as you witness..
k i will strive one other time..
oh yeah.. oh yeah..
so correct to be succor on the road, man.. with this unusual wind..
and it is miles rarely that sunny anymore.. this form of pleasure!
be cautious about your head..
is it fried pork?
it is squid..
and chicken..
here’s chicken, beautiful?
oh that that you just must well also cook salad too..
how critical for 1 skewer of squid?
squid for 10 baht..
i desire 3 skewers..
three.. three..
can you talk about English?
No, i can not.. and also you?
can you talk about English?
correct quite..
i could well well adore this one too..
talk about Thai so smartly.. how a long time you non-public been living in Thailand?
8 years already..
looks very yummy!
it is miles a tamarind sauce..
can also impartial i request you to enact the identical for me, please?
obvious, can enact the identical..
sure, sure..
looks actually yummy.. and this one too, please..
i fetch there could be rarely any better location to trip deep fried meatballs and deep fried chicken on the seashore..  
whereas awaiting the sunset..
here is the placement..
so many fishermen boats on the background..
a savory pier.. detached..
no person is taking half in loopy song to you..
no longer many canine round..
and as i will uncover.. possibly on the present time we are going to be actually playing sunset..
attributable to i construct no longer witness critical clouds on the horizon..
i grunt magnificent furious..
it is coming.. it is coming runt one!
is there fish?
yeah, there could be..
what he’s using is a bait?
an tall prawn..
and what more or much less fish is here?
i construct no longer know which one, however there could be fish, positively..
what’s monstrous?
no sunset.. as soon as again..
guys i promised to receive ideally apt remark to trip sunset..
however we can not control the weather.. especially in rainy season..
the horizon is roofed with clouds, so we can not trip this pinky orangey purple colours..
it smooth looks no longer immoral however..
anyway, i actually hope you non-public enjoyed this video and can non-public to you presumably did..
hit adore button, share this video with your buddies, 
subscribe to this channel will non-public to that that you just must well even be no longer already..  
write a state and that i will witness you subsequent video magnificent quickly..
in varied locations..
the scent of weed.. oh seaweed seaweed!
i’m kidding i’m kidding..

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