11 USD Bus Malaysia to Thailand

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on the present time I’m going away to check a brand unusual route from Monisha plannin on pole to Haiti a Thailand okay please note my this outing right here Heart to hear Bongbong traditional seller Tom that’s the bus save [Music] it takes about 10 minutes from KL Sentral to the bus terminal [Music] first from this save taught in many countries love Singapore on the present time Wakanda Thailand be aware tag in any of these countries from 1 to 16 so which one is the earliest one 930 years Daniel D al al okay okay okay okay so the tag is love of 50 ringgit over $10 impartial over $10 okay speed why would you speed scurry into number 1 number evening okay right here we scurry I basically trust totally three minutes to shield the bus notion thanks there are totally three seats on one line so it’s somewhat an acceptable very glad with air-conditioning Padma I have to admit that is the one in all basically the most glad bus device I’ve ever had as glad as he Japan loads any better [Music] [Music] it’s miles 2: 30 the buses stopped for the 2nd time totally for terribly short time you obtained’t trust time to trust a lunch so that you simply wish pick something to indulge in on the bus now we were long gone through deal of name locations [Music] Pam is 3: 46 we quit right here maybe for lunch on this unsuitable relieve a password we initiate again by 420 from right here to the border it’s about one hour in keeping with Malaysian passport shield watch over so let’s salvage out from Malaysia and we were stepping correct into a king to Thailand so after salvage out then the previous’s will take hold of us up on this aspect okay I’ll reduction you to yeah salvage unnerved Stephanie yeah okay getting together now we scurry into Thailand hey immigration so I articulate European citizen we can salvage automatically 15 days with an arrival but as a guidelines says you would possibly totally walk overland twice a yr twice okay now we are in Thailand the time is five 1818 pass to 5 in the afternoon you are in Thailand a citizen from Europe you would possibly additionally salvage 30 days these on arrival at an airport are totally 15 days overland and overland outing you would possibly totally trust twice a yr twice a yr and a 540 you initiate to rain hideous impartial the hope goes to quit when bus I arrived on the bus save it’s a six o’clock the rain stopped and we are shut to hating it [Music] okay 6: 40 we arrived at Heidi a bus save it took nine hours ten minutes straight hey is educate-save some distance faraway from right here educate educate save educate educate save some distance away some distance away oh okay okay hey can I basically trust a disfavor yeah device device yes okay thanks so worthy thanks

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