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[🇹🇭4K]the heaviest flooding in Pattaya, Typhoon Noru, flooding Soi Buakhao, October 9, 2022

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hi there all pals “Call me P’Pattaya” Welcome to the channel “PATTAYA TRAVEL NOW”, shoot video with 4K characterize plan. Upload day-to-day videos from Pattaya’s streets and attractions for all people to take a look at. Whenever you cherish the declare, please subscribe to my channel and press cherish. Press share for me. Thanks to all people who got here to ogle. Correct luck to all people. 🙏

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In this video, we’re having a test on the no longer too lengthy ago in attain PDPA law. As a result of this truth, we are going to be in a position to no longer focal point on any individual to retain away from inner most pain. Our declare is showcasing the day-to-day Pattaya boulevard scene and naturally the attractions in Pattaya and in Thailand. If somebody’s face on this video makes that you just can also be feeling disappointed. Please contact us through electronic mail or thru the comments of the channel. We can preserve that part. Thanks for realizing. Handiest wants 🙏

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00: 00 Intro

00: 05 Buakhao Market

00: 15 [🇹🇭4K The worst flooding in Pattaya Rain hits Pattaya City, Storm Noru floods Soi Buakhao, Buakhao Market, traffic jams, October 9, 2022

00:36 Buakhao market, fashion clothing zone

01:49 Buakhao Market, food zone

04:21 Buakhao Market Food Center

06:00 Soi Buakhao is heavily flooded.

26:26 Thanks for watching God bless see you next video thank you.

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Thanks for searching at God bless test you subsequent video thank you.

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