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অসমীয়া লৰা at Pattaya walking avenue || Thailand Day commute 2019 || Episode 2

Guys I am Anjan Sarmah from Assam,India a traveloholic a wanderer.I delight in to detect assorted locations and safe some video documentation on my streak and tried to uncover you folks as effectively. In case you found my teach attention-grabbing and maintain to ogle this style of streak and private vlogs factual subscribe the channel and trip the long bustle streak of my existence, hope we stay collectively our lives by my video’s.

Here’s the second episode of my Thailand streak of 2019, the establish I lined Pattaya night existence and the appropriate technique to stay in everyday existence in Pattaya.

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[Music] [Applause] guys know that contemporary flat door that the depart or dad I withhold waiting on my side and CJ delight in never hasten unsuitable with Isis call these punishment guys know that is dusky know that the rider [Applause] [Music] so factual entered my room right here’s a room tiny and helpful right here’s no pet store to promote from imaginative and prescient right here’s a balcony and tiny [Music] right here’s the king of thailand sweet madam welcome to Pattaya bye-bye now going to a 7-eleven again withhold in Ha Na da da da la silla phrasing toilet loo safe a phrase we don’t know pea salad delight in a llama fundamental promise to enact and that’s the Stressful Rock Cafe somebody who can notice the 7-eleven your overlay soap by mr.sarma to come encourage that’s what it is likely you’ll per chance presumably presumably understand high dose of energy akela give me hand I even maintain Aram whiskey beer whatever you desire it is likely you’ll per chance presumably presumably safe right here [Music] enticed by the sounds up respiratory arrive withhold tight withhold tight chemicals [Music] a pair of moments later so it’s time to swim [Music] all being [Music] finest [Music] amazing you achieved say me Jeff with nearly one twelve months Jennifer Travis wanna waft after swimming I mean spherical encanta it’s an handle low lumo episode and we level in direction of the seaside avenue mr. twilliger will seemingly be z thereafter The Walking Side street basically the most famed avenue of podiatrist in Watson Adobe apathy to originate evenly undergo in thoughts trip le lagon [Applause] [Music] true sort that’s no longer Judah pnina kebab oh we tape at their nightlife – and enact maximum on or enchantment level hello there are slightly a pair of bars night clubs pubs and fulfilling but I walking straight [Music] Oh [Music] tomorrow depart-or-die [Music] [Music] I flash [Music] [Music] in establish of [Music] leer youngsters leer instrument will you guys shut up Lutz Toofer over on the instrument delight in recommendations oh shut up leave our cherry rollercoaster it is far one other megaphone arrive delight in origin no longer the TSA are awfully to rob a chunk procedure feel grated over oscillator it’s no longer the fabulous teach to enact at Pattaya what history [Music] maintain a hasten depart or die [Music] [Music] [Music] it is likely you’ll per chance be to use our ardour we come encourage pages freshman boys to my magic [Music] be internal [Music] Philips introduced in retailer – [Music] I factual wanna leer excuse me asking me in games snockered cookie in town delight in this potentially length but [Music] my miniature one cousin [Music] town it’s esteem I’ll use buckets our last turn one thing else I pick your miniature one I factual maintain to leer [Music] give me it ended up walking by the effectively being facility the garage I would attempt Elizabeth in the end it’s time to return to the lodge you’re the killer hung over the garage yeah gave by methodology to hob loca India Kansas I hear delight in in Mojave bought palaces you enact a colossal negative to screw up they would peep native taxi Volta or how long you’ve the rapido ooh better labored oh you’ve a peculiar companies can’t declare Lucas community and whenever you delight in this video for whatever reason don’t forget to please in the video factual subscribe the channel and share our videos clearly I don’t maintain to I factual maintain to leer you please give me a son whenever you desire by

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