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Year 11 Thailand Colours of the East Festival, Pattaya Coastline Road Dwell 23 October 2020 Fraction 2

Welcome 🤗 Thanks for your support🤝Please buy Dave & Mo Coffee ☕🙏 https://www.paypal.me/DaveMo2020 Day 2 Colors of the East This is Pattaya 11th year celebration on beach road the festival St today me and Mo walked it Had street food Lush Mo got treated to new Purse then watched the Fireworks Great show loved it…

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Thailand at crossroads – Anti-authorities protesters vs Thai institution

This video provides some background of the protests and their challenge ahead. They are battling a deeply entrenched “establishment”, including the Army, the government, the Bangkok ‘elite’ and years of conservative traditions protecting the revered Thai monarchy. The protesters are young, educated and motivated. The government controls the levers of power. What will happen? To…

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Thailand withdraws Bangkok emergency decree after protests swell

After more than a week of protests, Thailand’s prime minister has lifted an emergency decree that banned gatherings. Protests calling for changes in the government are not new, what is new is that now people are calling for reform to the monarchy. But there are some who want to keep things the way they are.…

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Eating Lunch at Thailand’s Most Pleasurable Lake! | Cheow Lan Lake (เชี่ยวหลาน)

🎥 Jungle Treehouse + Night Safari: https://youtu.be/Ei4LSFBzd5s Cheow Lan Lake (เชี่ยวหลาน) – Located within Khao Sok National Park, Cheow Lan Lake (เชี่ยวหลาน) is a lesser visited gem of beauty in Southern Thailand. While there are a number of floating hotels within the lake, we just took a boat ride day trip, had lunch, a quick…

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Phuket Thailand traipse #68 Patong seaside Halloween nightlife Bangla avenue walking boulevard

Phuket Thailand travel and nightlife Halloween is coming. But it won’t be the same as before in Phuket. So I am posting this video as a reminder. Because this year… really don’t have any idea but I’ll give it a try I tried to contain only the most wanted information when the traveler visits. I…

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Airbnb Chiang Mai Thailand | $40 Luxurious Dwelling Tour in Nimman | Digital Nomad Hotspot 🇹🇭

Airbnb Chiang Mai Thailand | $40 Luxurious Apartment Tour in Nimman | Digital Nomad Hotspot 🇹🇭 This beautifully decorated Airbnb condo in the middle of the action next to Maya Mall in Chiang Mai Thailand will make you feel right at home 🙂 We stayed at this Airbnb for 2 nights and we loved every…

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